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  • Jay B - Good buy to cover the basics.

    Good read. The hard cover version really is as good as the soft cover version but because this is a book I often refer to and I intend to keep it around a long time I got the hard cover. Good buy.

  • Vickie H Choe - Decent game

    Decent game, but the dances get repetitive and boring. You have to pay for new dances on the Wii U store.

  • Jeremey - Amazing stuff!! Very useful

    This stuff is amazing. There are tons of uses for it. I have used it already to make a handle for the broken one on our crockpot and used it to repair tiling in our shower. It is easy to use, does not have an offensive odor and comes in a variety of colors. Only downside is that it is a bit expensive. There are recipes to make it on your own, but I wanted to see how useful it is before I attempted that. If I start using it extensively I will consider making my own, but until then, I am happy to buy a little at a time.

  • William Deady - Not intuative and difficult to manuver

    the program does OK but is difficult to maneuver around in and obtain the information you seek. It does the accouting well.

  • rlbrobst - Kindergarten College

    This book was so general that it should be taught in high school or middle school NOT COLLEGE! This was for a sophomore level class. Hard to believe since I think it was written for kids! Even some of the use of grammar is more child-like. If you want a 4.0 in a college class that uses this textbook then get it. I never even opened the book and made a 4.0 in that class!!! I should have tested out of that class and saved my time and money.

  • Orochimaru Sama - ... out around the fire pit and these things are comfortable and my wife loves them also they dont stay ...

    bought a fire pit up here so decided to buy 2 chairs for me and my wife to lounge out around the fire pit and these things are comfortable and my wife loves them also they dont stay wet long (Its been wet here in georgia) usually after a day of cold they are pretty dry also come with velcro pillow attachments to rest your head.

  • G. Gibson - The worst Office yet.

    Absolutely the worst version of Office yet. Microsoft has made Office virtually unusable with the washed out paper white color. or lack of color, and enormous ribbons that take up huge amounts of screen space. Your choice of background color is basically white or gray, and everything blends together because there is absolutely no contrast. Irritating on the eyes, and virtually unusable. I will be making a transition away from MS Office. Somebody should be fired at Microsoft for putting out such a terrible product. DO NOT BUY.