This Lupus Life | I am the dancer and Lupus is my music. I want to make it look beautiful - This site has been created for the discussion, information sharing and guidance of living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE or Lupus), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis. It has always been my intention to share the details of my experience as a way of giving hope and understanding to other young people who are going through, or…

  • The Chronicles of This Lupus Life | This Lupus Life - The most important thing to know about people diagnosed with Lupus is that there are no two people who have exactly the same experience. Other than the obvious reason that 'everyone is different', there a few different types of Lupus and the way the illness plays out depends on exactly what the person does, how…

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  • CeeCee - Love it!

    I absolutely love it!!! Super classy and chic... Girly but not with a feel for a young girl (I am 31). I get so many compliments on it!

  • A. Mitchell - Not for 2008 Ford F-150

    This is a well-built mounting kit. It will not fit your later than 2001 models. The heading of this product lists 1995-2011, but if you read the description, it lists 1995-2001. This typo cost me to have to send it back (which is why I only gave it 3 stars), and it was as a shame since it fit the radio very nicely, just not the space in the truck. I ended up purchasing this same brand for a later model, and it was perfect. The removable face allows you to select a slightly larger radio (like the one that I had). Excellent design.

  • Barry T - Ineffective, wish it worked!

    Wish I could say it worked for me, but I wasn't satisfied with this supplement. I purchased this because of marketing from the Joe Rogan podcast and while you may have different results, I just didn't see cognitive improvements in any way.

  • Hope - Dissapointed!

    The shampoo is drying to hair! I used the hot oil treatment for alter ego not the one that came with this package as yet but the one that is in the picture shown and it is not very moisturizing for the hair. I tried cheaper products, whether they were natural or not and had fantastic results! This is just blah! It has an awesome smell, but a sweet scent is not all that I am looking for in a shampoo or treatment. I have african hair. I tried the treatment on another that has natural hair more coarser than mine and she didnt care for the results either. I have a mannequin with european like hair and it was very drying for it's hair as well. Neither product gives enough moisture to me by what I saw and felt.The shampoo does clean hair but it strips all the oils from your hair. I used it once on my hair and once on the mannequins. I used the treatment only in a females head. I'm not sure I'll be using the shampoo in my hair again nless I have an abundant amount of debris in my hair somehow, as this seems to possibly remove it. The treatment? Maybe as a shampoo in a co wash, i'll use it folloving a moisturizing conditioner on top of the treatment after it is rinsed out. I'll give a next rview soon when I see how everything goes. But so far, I am not a big fan of it.

  • Amazon Customer - and best smelling shoes ever

    These are the coziest, nicest, and best smelling shoes ever. I never get sick of them because they are comfortable and light weight. Perfect for any excersising! I don't think I'll ever want to try out a new gym shoe again.

  • Jen M - Love my hydrated smooth skin!!

    I love this stuff, it leaves my skin soft and smooth! I love the hydration it gave my skin, I no longer feel like I need to moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower. I don't understand why people have an issue with taking it off. It is just like washing your face! I just wish it was a little cheaper!

  • Ronda J. Zesk - Ninja

    I make a drink every morning. I will make the drinks with spinach, strawberry, blueberry, and pineapples and my son will drink these and love it. Great way to get him to eat his veggies.