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  • The History of Vending Machines - The first commercial coin operated vending maching was introduced in London in the early 1880s it dispensed post cards.

    Country:, Asia, HK

    City: 114.1667 , Hong Kong

  • Polar Bear ME - Stay with Office 2008

    Office 2011 makes Office 2008 look good. The installation went OK, but then the problems began with many annoyances that prevented me from being productive. For example, in Word, it would not see embedded graphics created with earlier versions of Word, unless the graphics were saved in the earlier document with wrapping other than "in line with text". Another example is that many formatting commands that are easily accessible in the toolbar and formatting palette of earlier versions of MS Office are not so in the ribbon of Office 2011. In addition, the toolbar in Word 2011 for no apparent reason grays out and is unusable forcing you to use the ribbon. If you want to use canned Microsoft templates, the ribbon is fine, but it is inflexible and hogs space on a small laptop screen. I finally threw up my hands, removed Office 2011 completely, held my nose and reinstalled Office 2008. When I really need to be productive, I still use Office 2004, which is better by far than the subsequent versions. Don't waste your money on the current version of Office and more importantly, don't waste your time.

  • S. Thiessen - Buy this!

    I really like this mirror. The one I have used in the past just strapped to the headrest of the seat. I really like that this one attaches in the same way, but is able to be aimed. It works so much better!

  • bwhit10 - Great looks. Great fit.

    These cleats are just what I wanted. I didnt want to look like s die hard cyclist but have the benefits of riding with cleats. Called Nashbar up verify they would fit with certain Spd pedals at 8:30 pm central time and were very helpful.

  • Spliskin - Great for review, but the content's quality control is terrible

    The book was great to use for reviewing the material I had forgotten but I found some SERIOUS problems with the book:

  • Taloncard - Does not do what it claims.

    If you watch the neat commericals it claims it can automatically scan all these documents at once then sort them and it automatically knows what is what. It does not do that at all. It's a good thing I don't depend on this for tax purposes. I just use it to scan in Bills so I don't have to file and hold on to the paperwork for years.

  • Ian mcgillan - Just what I needed

    Reasonably priced . working good so far. Bought it for my 16 year old son who is always on the go and he loves it!!

  • dad's gemini - Roaches Be Gone ... Not all.

    I would walk into my kitchen late nights and find roaches sitting on my counter tops playing cards and smoking cigarettes and asking me what I had to eat! I knew they had to go for I felt like I was in that movie, "Joe's Apartment" and expected them to break out in song! I am very neat, so there is no food out, no dishes in the sink and all cabinet food products are in plastic bags or air-tight sealed jars. I used the product as soon as I received it, loving the powder form and no smell, and noticed an immediate difference. They were even moving slower when seen and killed, and after a few days it seemed they had packed up and moved or died. Yet four days later, it seemed a new batch of them moved in, like the old ones had hung out a vacancy sign and they were back. I know the product is suppose to last longer than 4 days and/or maybe I just needed more than 2 cans. But it worked ... for a while.