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  • coffeedrinker - Great solid bike

    I bought this for my 12 year old son based on a coworkers recommendation, he rode BMX bikes for years. WOW both of us were pleased, me with how well it was built and him for the fun and looks. He won't stop riding it !!!!! Also great price. One thing you should know is that this should be put together by a BMX bike shop to have it adjusted properly, cost for this was $40.00. You can do it yourself, but it was worth the piece of mind to have PROS build it.

  • Nathan - Great Screen Protector!

    I am about six months in with this screen protector and it has been great. The glass is crystal clear and very strong. Applying the protector to the screen was also very easy. It helps that the Shield Tablet just requires a simple rectangle but it was still very easy to lineup and apply.

  • Linda JC - Love these shoes

    Love these shoes. They fit true to size and have a lot more cushion than the New Balance I had been wearing,

  • Alan B. Odom - Did my own WILL!

    I needed a will and a health care directive. All my property is held in pay-on-death. Therefore I had no need of a Living Trust to avoid probate. I found Willmaker 2010 to be intuitive, informative and easy to use. A lawyer I called quoted me $500 to do the same things. Hey I saved over $450. What a deal!

  • caitlin francke - A scam - BEWARE HIDDEN COSTS

    I bought the Total Transformation program so I could better handle my ADHD daughter. I was prepared for the $347 cost with shipping. What I was not prepared for was $600 in total fees. When I called to inquire with Customer Service, they told me that in addition to The Total Transformation Program, I had purchased the Parental Support line and The Total Focus Program (both of which were free for a certain time period, but then fees kicked in.) I told them that I had not purchased those items and customer service insisted I had. I checked my receipt. It was intentionally vague, not listing out what was purchased and what was not, nor alerting to eventual fees. I called customer service back and they agreed to remove the Parental Support fee but they REFUSED to remove the Total Focus program (at a cost of $129). I told them that yes, I had received it, I thought it was a bonus and had never used it. I offered to send it back as it is still in its original packaging. They said no, the time for returning is over and would not refund me. Clearly this is part of their business plan to offer one product, then slip in others and have unsuspecting parents like me get hit with the bill.

  • Ty A. Wyatt Sr. - Making Life Easier!

    Extremely versatile tool. I am especially impressed at how it cuts through lathe and plaster, and contains the mess that that creates.

  • F G Keick - Great product - my skin loves it

    Initially received this as a gift - liked the description on the packaging so gave it a try. My skin really does well with this! Usually new, different, products (especially anti-aging ones) only last about 1 or 2 weeks before my skin decides it isn't working (small breakouts, etc). This stuff is really nice!