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  • gramma8 - Fun challenges

    I love both flow free games! The daily puzzles are a treat, the first thing I do in the morning to wake my brain 😀

  • Katie - All in all I love this product and will be using it until further ...

    I have always had very oily and acne prone skin throughout adolescence and even now at 24. I purchased acne free one week ago. The true reason I got it was because I was on a budget and proactive was too expensive for me so I thought I'd give it a try for $17. I am blown away! I have seen such a huge difference in just a week! The products leave your face soft and smooth. I have seen such a difference in my acne. It has been reduced and my skin is not half as oily as it was. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because if you have dry skin it may dry it out even more, since my skin is oily I didn't have that problem, but definitely something to think about. Also, if you wax your face at all (eyebrows, sideburns, lip) you need to stop using this product about a week before or it could cause lifting of the skin just due to the benzoyl peroxide and other strong ingredients it contains. All in all I love this product and will be using it until further notice.

  • Amazon Customer - Wowzzerz

    Didn't have high hopes on a smaller antenna since my trucks factory antenna was 8in. tall. Let me tell you something not only a great antenna now I can park in the garage.

  • SueBee - Pregnant!!! It works!!!

    I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago. My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year with no luck. I saw great reviews for Pregnitude, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try it. I don't have pcos, but at my age I thought perhaps my egg quality could use some help. I haven't even finished the second box and I'm pregnant!!! I have NO DOUBT that pregnitude works to improve egg quality! I don't write many reviews, but I just had to write this one. I hope it gives someone else hope. It really works! I'm overjoyed and excited! I never thought I would be able to get pregnant again and now I am!

  • OldMarine - Very useful in place of a complete multi-tool

    I found that the WAVE by Leatherman just did not work for the types of tasks I encountered. The narrow end of the pliers were not useful and the screwdrivers (both Phillips and standard) were too awkward and not convenient. So, I went back to what I used in the Marines - standard pliers with wirecutter blades and a simple knife with a blade, Phillips and standard screwdrivers. Both of these tools fit in a holster with two pockets designed for these two tools. The knife is exactly what I want. It has one sharp blade (with a serrated portion), a Phillips screwdriver on one end, and a standard screwdriver on the other end. I can easily get to these devices without searching for the correct tool, folding the handle, or other manipulations necessary using the WAVE. The WAVE is an excellent, high-quality multi-tool but has too many tools for my activities. The Leatherman Crater Knife is high-quality, has a limited number of tools, and is absolutely perfect for my activities.

  • D. Clark - Funny thing is -- although the product did do good ...

    I had to stop using Caudalie products once I found that they are selling in China and are therefore no longer cruelty-free (since money means more than animal suffering, it seems). Funny thing is -- although the product did do good things for my skin, when I stopped using it I noticed my skin was much less oily. Huh.

  • John Smith - Popups and blocked web sites all over the place.

    Bought it Feb 7, and it manages to annoy me even to April 6 (today), so it's not just getting used to a new product.