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  • jane bachman - love just dance

    We love the just dance series. It's a fun way to get in some cardio exercise and fun time with your kids. I'm not as crazy about the songs as the older versions but it has some new features that are fun.

  • Unity Rise - If it looks too good to be true.....

    If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. The website sells crap from Asia to westerners willing to pay next to nothing for shipping and costs. Read the reviews....the real reviews on the website and you'll see what I'm talking about. Don't waste your time.

  • Gareth Morris - I'm gonna be rich!!!

    I plan on using the deeply researched data provided in this outstanding white paper to maximize the returns on lavatory seating. I hope the 2015/16 market is just as optimistic.

  • Poetikal Styles - Watch Out Fleas!

    Have so many flea bite scars, I could play connect the dots for days! Flea infestation was unreal! We tried natural products, products that were recommended by others, diatemaceous earth (or however it's spelled), sprays, powders, flea combs, ACV baths, Dawn baths, lemon Ajax baths, everything possible without going bonkers or financially busted. NOTHING WORKED. I saw this advertised and decided to give it a try...afterall after trying everything under the sun and nothing working, what the H***. It is a 8 month treatment while the cat is wearing the collar. It is not a quick fix-soon as you put it on kill em kind of collar. It keeps working for 8 months. After having the collar on for about a week or two, I noticed I was getting bitten less and less. Also, I did use a flea trap in addition. So, I find that this product does work for my Ruby and me.

  • Full Fathom 5 - Fresh breath that lasts

    I've been very pleased with BreathRx mouth rinse; the clean feeling really lasts. I love that it's alcohol-free, because it doesn't dry my mouth the way that Listerine used to, and the inclusion of xylitol, a sugar substitute proven to help fight plaque.

  • John Wiseman - magix movie edit pro 2013

    I had been using Magix movie edit version 17. The new movie edit pro 2013 shows promise but is buggy, a update version was downloaded and installed and it too was buggy. So far the program has crashed a total of 8 times!

  • David adamson - Very cool- unexpected

    Very cool umbrella. It seems very durable and Looks nice too. I have never seen anything like it! It is easy to use as well. I am glad to have made this purchase and would definately recommend!