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  • Amazon Customer - solves all your personal problems!

    I have suffered from bad foot odour for the best part of a decade. I have tried all types of powder spray and cream but to no avail. This problem has caused havoc in my personal life from that awkward elevator feeling to the break up of my marriage.

  • Dorothy - Awesome doesn't begin to describe it!

    It arrived at 11:30 from amazon and after laying my grandsons down for their naps I dug in! Comfy chair with a blanket over my legs, bottle of water beside me and this amazing book in my hands I was ready. Well by the time the boys woke up at 3:30 I was halfway through it. I have to admit I made my husband deal with them until their mom came because I couldn't put the book down. It was like I could hear her voice telling a story.

  • Robert B. - good product from Microsoft

    I purchased this for our programmer to update some Visual Basic software that was written in an older version that required .NET run time 1.1 and does not install well on Windows 7. This version utilizes .NET 4.x and installs and runs much better on Windows 7 and Windows 8. This version of .NET does not install on Windows XP, but XP support goes away soon so this is not a big issue.

  • ReadToLive - Terrible Euro-centric perspective!

    As usual, the euro-centric view that ships or any aspect of commerce or navigation are to be "avoided" derives from the premise, debunked (if only implicitly) by Spinoza..

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing

    What can I say, the book was amazing. Demetri was a boss and tore stuff up like a boss would. Super excited about the next book

  • nicole penning - Great self tanner

    Great color after just one use.. Goes on with a tiny that absorbs quickly and evenly. Gives your face a "finished" complexion. I don't have to put on any concealer for days after using. Didn't make me break out. My skin is awful with using new products, so I was kinda scared, but pleasantly surprised..