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  • amanda - I did try Thyroid Support Gold in good faith, but for my cat it was utterly ...

    I purchased this Pet Wellbeing Thryoid Support Gold for my 13 yo female who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I gave it to her as directed for 5 weeks. In that time she lost over 2 pounds. Definitely time to visit the vet. Lab work revealed that her T4 had spiked during those 5 weeks from a normal range of 2.6 to a whopping 9.2!!! I immediately put her back on Methimazole and she gradually re-gained the lost weight. I did try Thyroid Support Gold in good faith, but for my cat it was utterly useless. I cannot recommend this product and would not use it again.

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    I have naturally curly hair and purchased this product to get a little more curl into it. My hair was so flat after using this and the conditioner and gel that it looked like I used a flat iron. I could not believe it. Tried for three days. Each day got worse. I will never use again. Not sure if this is a fake or not. Just horrible.

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    I bought this for my daughter's hair which is thick, frizzy and wavy. After about two weeks of use I can attest that her hair is incredibly softer, shinier, looks to have less breakage and smells wonderful. I thought it might weigh her thick hair down and flatten out her waves but it really doesn't. We use it once or twice a day whenever we brush/style her hair and it's incredible. She's also super tender-headed and this truly helps to keep her from crying out.

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