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  • J. Carlin - Fascinating and helpful book!

    This book should be on the bookcase of every parent, medical, and healing professional. The information is absolutely fascinating and thorough. It has been so helpful to both myself and my son. I glad that I finally found this book as it has brought so much understanding and healing to my family. I recommend it to anyone, and especially to those who suffer from any type of mental illness, food allergies or sensitivities, ADHD, autism, or sensory issues. Here, finally, is a natural way to heal without medication of any kind. I had tried all kinds of elimination diets to help my son, and finally with this one, I feel like we are actually doing the real healing work that needed to be done, and not just skirting around the issues with elimination and rotation diets.

  • Hayden Mitchell - Highly recommended

    I love this protector. I have had a bit of trouble in the past dealing with bubbles in my protectors. This one was the first that I've had zero bubbles. I will absolutely go to these guys in the future

  • B. Pearce - Great bike for the buck

    This is really a 3.5 star review. Essentially a great bike at this price point that is easy to put together (assemble) with one notable exception. The crank set and pedals are cheap. The pedals did not thread into the cranks properly. Rather than becoming a tool-and-die expert, I bought a new cranks, a new sprocket and new pedals. At that point I felt cheated. Kink needs to improve quality control with the cranksets. Since then no problems.

  • Amazon Customer - These essential oils are great! They come in a nice box

    These essential oils are great! They come in a nice box, which is great for storage! Additionally, they are great scents to have for anyone newly interested in essential oils. Combinations of these oils in a diffuser makes for a great environment.

  • Aaron Nunya - One of few products I feel 100% comfortable to recommend

    Good stuff, i get a tickle out of those who knock this product. What it wont do is knock 100k miles of your engine. It wont fix years of abuse and neglect. It wont restore worn engine parts. It wont gain you an extra 20mpg. It isnt snake oil, there are no magic ingredients in it. Matter of fact all ingredients are plainly described on their website.


    If you are serious about getting a decent score in the USMLE step 1 exam, this is a must read. It is a summary or sorts, and is best used later on in your preparatory pathway. It does not include everything you need, but it will definitely help increase your score, and in this game, everything counts. If your grandma says that eating cereal will increase your USMLE score by 2 points, eat cereal by all means :) In the beginning of your prep you are better off reading a standard text book. Other products that are helpful include USMLE Total review available on and the Kaplan review.