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  • Cruz - I picked up the Xbox one when it first released ...

    I picked up the Xbox one when it first released and while it was quite buggy things have gotten and continue to improve here. My biggest complaint as of now is the lack of a Kinect extension cable. I have never even taken the Kinect out of the box because of this. Now you can purchase the One without the Kinect though so if the standard cable does not work with your environment do yourself a favor and just pickup the solo console.

  • Future RN - It's better to take Eng 1102

    I decided to try to CLEP out of Eng 1102 instead of signing up for the class, big mistake. The study guide do not cover all the material that will be on the test. If your not familiar with literature from the 1800's to present(including poems, authors, short stories etc) it is best to just take the class instead because the chances of you passing the CLEP is very slim.

  • Philip Goldstein - When I tried Cocofloss I immediately loved it and switched to it

    My teeth are very close together and therefore I can only use up to now Glide floss which I have used for many years.

  • Brian Roper - Best Monitor I've Ever Owned.

    Fantastic monitor! Very thin and light-weight while still retaining a sturdy stand. The lighting and colors look great on it, far better than any other monitor I've owned. I feel like the thin border around the screen compliments that, and is also great if you are looking for a dual or triple monitor setup as the space between your screens will be so minimal. Looks great with high-end gaming and HD movies, at least [for nVidia users] if your 'Output Dynamic Range' in your nVidia control panel is set to 'Full.' They tend to default that to a lesser setting which greatly tones down and fades your colors, but on the right setting it really looks amazing on this monitor, much more noticeable than on my last one.

  • Rhiannon - I downloaded it and immediately fell in love, it seemed like it had everything

    I have ordered from this app before with minimal problems, however I'm still giving this a one star review. The reason why is because of the alarming number of complaints and 1 star reviews I read on (most) of their items. First, I'll go into my experiences with this app. I downloaded it and immediately fell in love, it seemed like it had everything. All items appeared of great quality, and most never exceeding 20 bucks. My first purchase was a heavy black coat, with fur around the collar and inside. It seemed like it took over 2 weeks for them to "process" everything, once it was finally "In transit", I checked the status everyday to see if it had been delivered. After a month and a half, still nothing. I wrote it off and contacted the app for a refund, which luckily was fairly easy to do. They refunded the money for the coat promptly, and I re-ordered it at a cheaper price from another link from the same app. It still took about a month, but I finally received my coat. The only similarity between the coat I received and the one I saw advertised was the fact that it was black. It had fur around the collar, but of a different color than advertised online, and it also didn't have the fur on the inside that was pictured. The coat that the chick wore in the photo was obviously much heavier than the one I received. But all in all, it was still cute and I still liked it, so I kept it. I also ordered a ring, that was delivered without issue and of good quality, no complaints there. About 3 months after I placed the order for the original jacket for which I was refunded, I got a weird package in the mail and when I opened it, it was the jacket from the unsuccessful first order I had placed that I had assumed went "missing", it was exactly like the one I had re-ordered. I had originally ordered the first jacket in a size XL, realistically I wear a small, but because of the numerous reviews stating that the clothing runs small, I ordered the largest size. The second time around, I decided to order a Medium because it was the only size available. I tried on the XL coat just for comparison against my Medium coat. They fit exactly the same, in every way! Based off the hundreds of complaints I read about the clothing being too small, I'm beginning to believe that the size options may be just for appearances on the site. It's possible that they only make one size, and just send it out regardless, because a lot of customers stated that their clothing never came with size tags attached. I've learned from reading thousands of reviews for different items that whoever runs this app simply does not care about customer satisfaction or service. I've read reviews on everything from makeup, to clothes, to jewelry, and so fourth. There are always far more dissatisfied customers than there are happy ones. Hundreds of people claiming that the item they received was nothing like the item advertised in photos. An alarming number of people claiming that they never received the item AT ALL, but of course were charged for it, and even better is when they don't receive the item, and either can't get a response about a refund AT ALL, or they get a response, but the company is refusing a refund. The sizing, the sizing, the sizing...I knew from reading reviews to order clothing at a larger size, however I guess that that doesn't even matter. I distinctly remember reading a review from a girl who wore a size small, but ordered an XL just to be sure that it would fit, and when she received it she said that despite the much larger size, there was no possible way that she could ever wear this, as it looked like "doll clothing". She said that when she contacted the app about the sizing issue, she received an email back (surprisingly), in broken English, saying, "It's ok, this dress big stretch." The quality is frequently, if not always poor. Many customers claiming that buttons fell off of their clothes immediately while taking them out of the packaging. In an alarming number of cases, sleeves/hoods were not even sewed onto the clothing, but thrown in the packaging regardless, leaving the purchaser to either sew them on themselves or trash it completely. In many cases there are rips/stains on the clothing when received (in one review a girl said that she was certain that there was a big blood stain on her nightie, EW!), and the clothing frequently comes inside out, in addition to the rips, leaving customers to believe that their purchases had been worn before. Jewelry is broken or coating chips off within hours. Items throughout the app, not just clothing, are damaged, broken, or completely different from what is pictured. It's been a boring past couple days for me, and I've just been sitting here reading reviews for items on this app, horrified. They will ship you an incorrect or damaged item, allowing you 10 days to return or exchange the item, but will ignore your emails until after the return period has passed, telling you that there's nothing they can do. With all the other shady business on this app, I can't help but think that this tactic is intentional. The worst part about the whole thing, is that despite all the unhappy customers and negative reviews, they fall on deaf ears. Whoever is in charge of this does absolutely nothing to improve quality, and makes no effort to help people with their complaints. You would think that they would look into all of this, but no. How something like this is allowed to happen is beyond me. Who looks into this? Is there anyone? Or is authority over this just as absent as the customer service for this app? I can only assume that anyone who gave this app 5 stars merely just downloaded it and checked it out, rather than coming from people who actually had a positive experience ordering anything. Not to mention that the more I think about it, the whole operation reeks of slave labor and sweat shops. I mean, it IS based in China. Sewing, stitching, etc. are frequently messed up, making me think that this whole thing is a whole lot shadier than we could ever imagine. Someone should definitely look into this. If you open a package for what should've been a dress, and ask yourself, "Wtf? Did a 6 year old sew this?" You might not be too far off. Just don't do it. Yeah, there's a few positive reviews there, but to me it's not worth spending money on something, HOPING you'll actually receive it, and that your order will be one of the very few that come as advertised. Shady business all around.

  • Dysasha - Better than expected.

    I am not sure what kind of watch they used to get 25 hours of battery power, but it was way way off, 10 hours is more realistic, that being said, I still gave the product 5 stars because the sound clarity is awesome, the volume level is fantastic, it works perfectly in every other way, Quality is on par or exceeds several other units ve used including my portable Bose.

  • Chris S - Rent or Cable?

    It was either this or pay the rent this month. You can guess which one I chose. Now, my landlord comes over to watch TV and caress this cable and I charge HIM rent!! HAHAHAHAHA.