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Country:, Europe, PL

City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • James Agwu - Practical solution to bedbug harassement

    Harris bedbugs killer delivered me and my family from the excruciating experience in the hands of the blood suckers called bedbugs. With their outster, I spray my apartment weekly to ensure they never return. It is highly recommended for all households.

  • Red Rover - Plan on buying again!

    Sixty cards (+Medallion, I got Kylo Ren's shuttle silver one) comes at a great price of 16.00 (give or take!) I buy 16 cards (or more, depending) every two weeks and they costs ~4.48, after 3 card packs+tax, it's at a higher price than what I paid for 60!

  • Judy Lopez - Disappointed

    I couldn't tell it was doing anything for me either. It is so disheartening that products don't do what they say they do. It was just another rip-off.

  • Evelyn A. Cummings - Broken band issues SOLVED!!

    I got my flex back in August and I LOVE it!!! However, as some others have mentioned, the wrist bands kept breaking right at where the plastic meets the rubber. I am a dog groomer so I assumed I was probably being too rough on them. I glued them back together with super glue and finally had to buy some new ones, which also broke within a few weeks. I was wearing the small bands and even switched to the large ones but they still broke at that junction.

  • Claire B. - enviro cloths

    The enviro cloth is a waste of time unless you follow up by wiping down with the polshing cloth (if you are using it wet). Don't even bother using it dry. It does not pick up dust and other debris used either wet or dry as Norwex claims, it just moves it around. It's very frustrating. I find myself going over and over a surface to get it clean and end up using an inexpensive micro cloth with a little Pledge. It's much more effective. I don't have the time to waste nor the money. They are so overpriced it's crazy. Oh...and if you want streaked windows...

  • daystar51 - So far I have been more than pleasantly pleased with this machine

    So far I have been more than pleasantly pleased with this machine. I was just looking for something that would allow me to serf the web, and write mail and not cost 3 arms and a leg...... well this is just what I was after. I just it had a bigger hard drive. I would definitely buy again