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  • Charli - I'm a pretty healthy person

    I'm a pretty healthy person, so I don't feel a HUGE difference aside from moderate weight loss and increased energy as there doesn't seem to be much to improve on... BUT, I am quite the insomniac and have been for at least a decade. After about two months of drinking the mix daily I woke up one day and realized that I couldn't remember having a bad night of sleep in several weeks. NOTHING (and I have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine) has helped my sleep like this routine has. Going on five months with this stuff and have nothing bad to say (except regarding the price - obviously I've found it to be worth it though). I have also heard some pretty amazing stuff from friends and family who have tried it (and stuck with it for a couple months minimum) who have had health problems. I will say, many of these people also tend to eat a bunch of crap and I'm sure it's related to nutrient deficiency - this is a simple way to make up for that. So, I'm not claiming it's a cure-all miracle produce (it doesn't claim to be either - just some of it's consumers); let's be real here. I am, however, backing it on making me feel generally better overall.

  • Tim Frank - Great Book!

    To anyone trying to understand the "mysteries" of female behavior, this book is a great education in relationships! My wife loves the "new me". I highly recommend this book to those guys trying to puzzle through the strange responses they sometimes get from their favorite lady.

  • Hubert - NOT wifi capable???

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I can't get this thing hooked up to my wifi network. Am I supposed to slice my bananas over an ethernet cable? What is this, 2005?

  • Wordsworth II - Nice product but can be glitchy

    I love this product! One of the best tablets out there in terms of functionality and aesthetics. I would have given 5 stars if not for the fact that this international version has no warranty except you are in Hong Kong. You may want to buy additional warranty for it. Be sure to confirm with that company first that they would cover an item with an international warranty. I am also revising my previous review because I have since discovered I had made a mistake. One of the common issues with this unit is that it can sometimes appear as if it has spoilt because it refuses to turn on anymore regardless of how long it is charged. Well, the solution is to ensure it is fully charged (confirm charger is working by maybe using it to charge another Samsung product) then press and hold the power button for up to 30 secs or more and it's very likely to come back on. I almost trashed mine thinking it was no longer working because I didn't press down long enough. I am sorry JUSTBUYDEALSTODAY, I thought you had sold me a defective product but I was wrong. The product works fine.

  • Lyric_360 - Heaven Sent

    I absolutely loveeee this product. So, much I ordered 10 lbs and I've shared it with many people. It's fine wonders for detoxing and cleaning my colon. I've only been on it a month. But my nails ate beautiful in length and sheen and my hair!! Wow, the length is increasing quickly and the texture is gorgeous!!

  • Theresa Atashkar - Great stroller

    This is a great stroller! It's easy to push and direct and the Britex car seat fits in easily and is also easily removed. Not heavy either

  • Turtle - Turtle approves

    Our child loves this formula and we've yet to have any problems with her. Easy on her tummy and recommended by our pediatrician. Same price as Wall-mart and Target. Costco has the infant formula 2 pack which averaged out to 0.90 per oz but they didn't carry the Newborn formula.