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  • Creed - The RVE is the best x99 mobo there is for pretty much everything

    The RVE is the best x99 mobo there is for pretty much everything, OCIng is a big part of it yes, but if you go to their page, this mobo has a shitton of features I didn't see on any other mobo, this is an E-ATX mobo so it being heavy is really obvious, I seariously don't know where to start from, the LEDs, the heatpipes, the BIOS. the CPU pins, it's just top notch all over, I really don't know how can they top themselves on cannonlake's mobos but sure enough they've got my money on it.

  • scooter guy - Simple solutions for most bad reviews..

    I have had my slender tone ab belt for over a year now. I don't use it on a regular basis, but I do pull it out from time to time every few months or so. I have read over many of the bad reviews here and just wanted to put in my two cents on why I think people are writing bad reviews.

  • Globetrotter - Good Value!

    I am very satisfied with this router. I refuse to pay rental fees for a modem with Cox, because I could've ended up paying for it many times over. This modem is small, but very effective, and doesn't take up a lot of space.

  • William B. Weldon - Had some reservations, but...

    Looking for an old fashioned string mop but couldn't find one I could afford. I wasn't sure I would like the Libman but I gave it a try. Suprisingly it filled the bill not only for my needs but the wife found many uses for it around the house. A quality product.

  • Sandra E. Simmons - Weight loss formula 1

    Has not worked for me wish I had bought Acaitrim which did work for me and was cheaper!!!! Will not purchase again!

  • Charlene - Apprehensive but so glad I read the series!

    I normally ignore any recommendations on Facebook, but the cover of the book intrigued me. The way I would describe the whole series is a mature, possible realism, laughter, sadness, dramatic and most importantly a strong female character!