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Spiral Hair Transplant - Hair Transplant Clinic with all medical facilities and fully equipped with modern techniques help´s you to get the best natural result in hair transplant treatment.

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  • Brook607 - Much Too Greasy

    I like to use a 30 SPF moisturizer in the summer because of the higher UV index, but this is much too heavy for me. It just sits on my skin and makes my face too shiney and greasy looking. It feels really greasy too, and in humid weather, I really hate using it. I have to use face powder, otherwise I look sweaty. Also, I can't use it near my eyes, specifically in the under eye area, because the fumes burn my eyes. I have to use a different moisturizer in that area. I'm not sure what causes the burning. I use RoC deep wrinkle serum, the one in the gold bottle, and that does not burn at all. Maybe it's the SPF.

  • Armin - it works just fine

    so far I have used it only once. The price is much better than Cabuki, but it sticks to your hair a lot faster, so you have to do it really slowly otherwise you will get some spots more covered than others. But you can try to spread it with you hand and it works just fine.

  • Dawn E Peters - Great Phonics Resource

    I am finding this supplementary workbook very useful to adding to the phonics program in my classroom.

  • Benaiah S. M. Pitts - Tastes great when made the Smoothie King way

    The vanilla lean 1 shake is the best smoothie I've tried. Granted, I haven't tried a whole lot but I didn't need to look further after trying this one. After buying them from Smoothie King for a while I decided to buy a tub of protein powder to make my own at home. However, when I first tried making one it tasted horrible!

  • Shai - The content is great as always with a bunch of new pictures

    I just got my mail today including the FA 2015 version. I didn't had the chance to review it all but comparing it in a glance to the FA 2013, I've got to put an end to all to the complains about the paper quality. The paper quality is the same as in the 2013 version, it's a little bit thinner (barely noticeable) but that makes sense as there are extra pages and that's a book you have to carry with you 24/7 so thinner paper means less weight. Honestly, people shouldn't pay attention to these stuff, just save your efforts.

  • Adrienne - Not quite Wen, but still gets the job done!

    I've used Wen Sweet Almond Mint exclusively for a year and I've loved it. I don't; however, like the price! I have a pretty good chunk of disposable income, but I am having a hard time justifying the amount of money Wen was costing me. So with half a large bottle of Wen left I decided to try the Hair One for color treated hair just to see if my results would be as good. I have shoulder length THICK hair, but the strands are fine. I get it colored once a month....red (which you red ladies know is a PAIN to keep fresh looking...red fades FAST!) with some blonde highlights. I've always had pretty normal hair, no issues with my scalp like dandruff or excessive dryness. So...Hair One is ALMOST as good as Wen. Hair One is a thicker formula than Wen; however, once I finish rinsing my hair doesn't feel as "slick" as when I use Wen and it feels like it leaves me with more tangles when my hair is wet. With both Wen and Hair One I put in a dollop as leave in conditioner once I'm done rinsing...that helps with the tangles with Hair Once. With Wen it's almost not necessary. I also use one pump of Argan Oil before styling, but I did that with Wen too. Once I style my hair (and I do blow dry my hair) there is no difference between the Wen and Hair One. My hair is just as beautiful....and both Wen and Hair One make my hair look fabulous! I'm certainly a convert to no shampoo! If you've never tried a cleansing conditioner...this is a good one! Just remember to rinse...rinse...and rinse some more to avoid your hair getting weighed down by the product. Rinsing is KEY!! If you're looking for a cheaper option for Wen...I think this is just as good once you've styled your hair. I'm going to switch to this product and I will no longer feel guilty about taking care of my hair!