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Special Needs Advocate Power Get the support and resources you need to effectively advocate for your loved one. - Are you looking for help to become a powerful advocate? We can help by supporting your advocacy with schools, medical, and therapy professionals.

  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/special-needs-advocate-power Special Needs Advocate Power - Special Needs Advocate Power - Finding special needs advocate power, a priority that ensures as best we can, that our loved ones become as completely functional as possible in their world.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/spectrum-of-special-needs 'Spectrum' of Special Needs - Special Needs Advocate Power - Seven categories of special needs can and often do overlap makes providing support and services to ensure growth and balance challenging.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/what-does-adhd-mean-good-news-the-treatments-are-getting-better What Does ADHD Mean? GOOD NEWS - The Treatments Are Getting Better. - Special Needs Advocate Power - Identifying if our child is struggling with ADHD and determining this as early as possible is going to immeasurably help our families AND more importantly them.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/how-does-dyslexia-affect-learning How Does Dyslexia Affect Learning? - Special Needs Advocate Power - The right time to ask how does dyslexia affect learning is when you see the early signs, difficulty forming words, homework's hard, & kids start to hate school.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/dyspraxia-symptoms-in-children-clumsiness-may-be-a-brain-disorder Dyspraxia Symptoms In Children - Making sense of slips, trips, and falls! - Special Needs Advocate Power - For every step forward a child takes there are many more that won’t be taken because of the dyspraxia symptoms in children. At least not taken when you expect!
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/who-can-diagnose-dysgraphia-and-what-exactly-is-dysgraphia Who Can Diagnose Dysgraphia? What IS Dysgraphia? - Special Needs Advocate Power - Knowing who can diagnose dysgraphia comes from a solid understanding of what this brain disorder actually IS.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/do-you-have-a-dyscalculia-diagnosis-being-chronically-late-is-one-sign-of-a-math-learning-disabilty Do you have a discalculia diagnosis? - Special Needs Advocate Power - When it comes to math it could mean your child has number blindness much as a person has color blindness...a brain-based disconnect not an intelligence problem.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/family-strength-and-support Family Strength and Support - Special Needs Advocate Power - So very much consumes our time as life exudes the ups and downs in a normal day. Here you will find recommendations and items that I am hopeful will smooth
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/resource-reviews Resource Reviews - Special Needs Advocate Power - Special Needs Advocate Power - Toys, games, physical therapy equipment, behavioral coaching and guidance tools, books, DVDs, and music integration are reviewed and rated as to their value.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/therapy-and-therapists-support-that-is-priceless Therapy and Therapists - Support that is priceless - Special Needs Advocate Power - So much can and has been accomplished with the therapy that was strongly recommended by my little ones's physicians. We had three primary disciplines that
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/speech-pathologist-vs-speech-therapist-apples-or-oranges Speech Pathologist vs. Speech Therapist - Apples or Oranges? - Special Needs Advocate Power - Have you ever wondered about the difference between a speech pathologist vs. speech therapist? The very word “pathologist” seems foreboding and the connotation
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/physiotherapist-vs-physical-therapist-are-they-one-in-the-same Physiotherapist vs. Physical Therapist - Are They One and the Same - Special Needs Advocate Power - Depends. Where you live is how this important therapist may be called. They do the same work, have high standards for education and to work with kids, bonus!!
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/special-needs-occupational-therapy-fine-vs-gross-motor-skills-is-the-drill Special Needs Occupational Therapy - Fine vs. gross motor skills is the drill. - Special Needs Advocate Power - Who would have ever thought you would be engaging special needs occupational therapy for your child but understanding the difference between fine vs. gross
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/reviews Reviews - Special Needs Advocate Power - Portrait of a cute red-haired girl attracting attention. Isolated over white background. One of the most important services I see this site can render to you
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/fine-motor-skills-toys-will-a-toy-help-or-not Fine Motor Skills Toys - Will a toy help or not? - Special Needs Advocate Power - ...Looking for fine motor skills toys? Finding it a bit confusing on what to buy, what will make a difference. Here we have evaluated some that may help.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/resource-reviews/library Library - Special Needs Advocate Power - Special Needs Advocate Power - In our library you will find articles, books and videos that will further develop our knowledge base in the diagnosis and challenges faced by our loved ones.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/resource-reviews/library/articles Articles - Special Needs Advocate Power - Special Needs Advocate Power - Finding a resource on a specific subject, a tool to substantiate and keep track of symptoms, abbreviated synopsis of conditions are just part of these resources
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/resource-reviews/library/books Books - Special Needs Advocate Power - Special Needs Advocate Power - Recommended reading: A variety of authors, specialists, doctors, and people who support and encourage special needs family and friends. Here is a list of some
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/resource-reviews/library/videos Videos - Special Needs Advocate Power - Many of the professionals in this field teach and present a variety of subjects related to special needs children and family members. This is a list of some.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/vocabulary-terms-acronyms Vocabulary-Terms-Language - Special Needs Advocate Power - Know the 'lingo' of the special needs world; medical, education, therapy, laws - so you're on the same page as professionals that work for and with your child.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/affiliate-disclosure Advertising Disclosure - Special Needs Advocate Power - In an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/the-iep-and-me The IEP and ME - Special Needs Advocate Power - A correctly established IEP sets the stage for special needs children successes in their educational journey, avoiding struggles, confusion, even anger.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/should-i-vaccinate-my-child-or-not Should I Vaccinate My Child – Or NOT? - Special Needs Advocate Power - A burning question because of the controversy over vaccines addressing issues and concerns raised by research involving vaccine safety. Numerous symptoms, why?
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/why-is-carbon-monoxide-dangerous-in-a-house-fire-its-big-trouble Why IS Carbon Monoxide Dangerous? In a house fire it's BIG trouble. - Special Needs Advocate Power - Knowing CO is poisonous becomes our foundation for choosing a plan, making time to drill, and providing masks so we can ensure we get out of harm's way.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-mom A Day in the Life of a Mom - Special Needs Advocate Power - A day can stretch into a week, a month and then it catches up with you. I am not just a mom, but a grandmom, and even now I feel we can learn from Albert E.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/dangerous-hydrogen-cyanide-hcn-a-serious-smoke-contaminant Dangerous Hydrogen Cyanide - Special Needs Advocate Power - Dangerous hydrogen cyanide is generated while materials burn in a fire. Fires do happen, at home, at school, at work and are also happening in our forests...
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/how-to-protect-your-lungs-in-an-emergency How To Protect Your Lungs In An Emergency - Special Needs Advocate Power - One of the most important things you do in an emergency is to know how to protect your lungs! Air contaminants you breathe are dangerous! Here's what to do.
  • http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/special-needs-blogs-our-families-in-2015-and-beyond Special Needs Blogs – Our Families in 2015 and Beyond - Special Needs Advocate Power - A special needs blog should serve and support you. This blog has this purpose in mind based upon the learning curve we embrace as we embrace our special child.

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  • Paul Hein - Awesome reel for the price.

    I used this all summer and found myself picking it over my $100+ Quantum. Almost impossible to back lash. Love it !

  • V. Nguyen - Did not work for ME

    Background: I'm writing this review for my brother, since i ordered this for him to use. He is Asian, in his mid 20s', who is suffering from severe adult acne all over his lower cheeks.

  • Sok Cho Kyong - I bought these to improve speed and get my 400 ...

    I bought these to improve speed and get my 400 time faster. After using regularly, I noticed that I was faster and did notice an improvement in my 400 times.

  • Intriguing Look Into Reasons For Success - Intriguing Look Into Reasons For Success

    I found great information and inspiration in Jim Collins' bestselling book, "Good To Great". This is a book that anyone who is ambitious and interested in success should read. I don't think that leaves many people out! Several reviewers have also mentioned Norman Thomas Remick's book, "West Point: Character Leadership..." as a great follow-on to "Good To Great". I have now read it and can subscribe to its being an intriguing look into the more basic reasons for success. I am now recommending both books to everyone in the world who makes enquires to our consulting firm.

  • P.C., NY - Poor Customer Service

    I would love to be able to say that my NorticTrack is just what I hoped it would be BUT my elliptical never worked. After plugging it in and turning it on, it just zapped out. I called customer service and they offered to send out a tech. Sounds great, right?? But when the tech got here (a week later), he wasn't equipped with the necessary replacement parts to get my machine, and me, running (pun intended). I called customer service again and they offered me a power strip for my troubles. Really??? I spend a $1000 and have a giant dust collector in my home. I could have used that money on a 5 year gym membership.

  • K. Lopez - Great Buy

    This backpack is perfect--it has a ton of space and is so comfortable to wear, it balances the weight perfectly. Definitely a great value for the price!