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  • A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life - A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life

    I bought this book as a joke while attending a government management seminar at the Maritime Institute of Technology (located in Baltimore Md). I remember thinking to myself "you know life is tough, but it is even tougher when your stupid". Here is a book written by an old captain who is tired of running over fools in their pleasure boats, and wants to educate those same fools in a futile effort to save their lives. One can almost imagine a sequel written by a train engineer "How to Avoid Parking on Train Tracks". At any rate for several years now this book has graced by desk, and has served as an inspiration for more conversations than any other book I have ever owned. Remember as you go through life you need to keep a lookout for the huge juggernauts that can really ruin your day.

  • jeepchic - May be better for smaller Tv

    I ordered this to use with our 47" tv. My husband put is together for us but it seemed some of the pieces didn't seem very sturdy. We had one of the older bulky televisions with the old swinging wall mount that we wanted to replace with a flat screen TV and wall mount for use in our bedroom. I am not sure I will be using this as is does not seem as sturdy as I would like , maybe it would be better for a smaller, lighter weight television. I am very appreciative to have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in return for my honest and unbiased review. I know how much I rely on other people's reviews to decide whether or not to make a purchase. I hope this review has been helpful to you!

  • E. I. Downes - Lost 90 lbs In 1 Year

    I have fought the battle of the bulge for 20 years. I have tried all the major diets out there from Adkins to Weight Watchers, and truly with every diet I gain a little more. Weighing in at 279 lbs, and wearing a size 26 at a mere 5'7", I was considering "the operation." That is until my Aunt Mararet turned me on to this book.

  • Duke - Want the best antivirus made buy NOD32

    This is hands down the best antivirus made. The only antivirus program to pass VB an independent virus rating firm every year.

  • L. Lynn - Perfect Double!

    I absolutely love this stroller! I've had it for a little over a year, and it is still in great condition even though it gets every day use. I really can't understand the negative reviews. This stroller pushes very well and is very feels lighter pushing two kids than my single stroller did pushing just one. The carseat is easy to put in and out, and my 17 month old loved riding in the back when her brother was born. Now that he is big enough, they switch and take turns sitting in the front and back seats and neither has a problem with either. I've never had the problem of the stroller folding while they are still in it, and even though we had trouble with one of the side wheels deflating, with a replacement wheel, it pushes like a dream again. My husband and I run, and we've both pushed the stroller while jogging and have no complaints. It pushes easily, and the tires are built for jogging stroller, even if it isn't said by the manifacturer to be a "jogging stroller." Yes, it's bulky, but I haven't seen a double stroller that isn't. I am 5'2" and can pick up and put this into the back of our van without a problem. It even fits vertically with the back seat up with the front wheel taken off (which is easy, one button and it pops off). This stroller has saved me from having a single stroller, double stroller, double jogger, sit and stand, ect. in a small house without much storage. It's the perfect all in one stroller since it can be all of the above and more. My only complaint, and I mean only complaint, is that the back seat is a three point harness instead of five, so my son likes to wiggle his way out on occasion. A child tray would be fun, but a snack cup on a BooginHead SippiGrip attached to the stroller works well for both passengers!

  • Linda - Tinted Bug Reflector

    This is a great product! Came professionally packaged, arrived quickly, and is exactly as described. My husband installed it quickly and easily on his 2013 Jeep Wrangler. It even has "JEEP" laser engraved on the edge. So far at lower speeds it does reflect bugs, not so much at the higher speeds. It does, however, deflect the air flow which seems to be giving a little better gas mileage and also deflects the washer fluid down onto the window instead of over the roof. We recommend this product!