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  • Nikki Trost - Good for most things, did not excel at seeds in smoothies

    It blends stuff. I guess thats ok. I just got rid of this and bought a blendtec instead today. I am sick of chewing my kale and having raspberry and chia seeds stuck in my teeth. Making nut butter in this does not seem possible. Its way better than a cheap blender, thats for sure. I just prefer to have a high quality smoothie in 30 seconds, I'm so needy I know. If you don't use tough ingredients this will be fine. I personally have had to chew any smoothie with thicker ingredients. Citrus fibers, seeds, kale, broccoli, EVEN BLUEBERRY SKINS, get stuck on the blades and don't get processed all the way or just end up untouched in the final product despite long blending. It will make bangin margaritas though. Cheap blenders are $20, and can't compare with this. Top notch blenders are $300-500, and also can't compare with this.

  • Melayna Fillmore - Overpowering taste

    My product was delivered fast and efficiently, but unfortunately I found that I cannot use this product because it tastes HORRIBLE. I put 4 drops in my water but the taste literally made me feel nauseated. Even diluting these 4 drops in 32oz of water and using water flavoring did not hide the overpowering ginger taste. Pretty frustrating -- I really wanted to try this product, but cannot stomach it. Maybe the shakes in this same product line would work better, but after wasting $27 on this product I'm not sure I'm reading to fork out more money for that.

  • Nancy Higgs - Welcome reunion

    It was wonderful to spend a few hours with these characters who seem like old friends. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Amazon Customer - Very easy installation and instructions were clear and concise

    Shipping was very quick to Canada. It took about 7 days from when I ordered it. Very easy installation and instructions were clear and concise. It took me about 15 minutes to install the cross bars. A word of advice to make it easier is to make sure you can distinguish between the right and left side of each bar. The way to do that is that the right side sleeve actually moves back and forth by an inch or so to ensure a snug fit on your roof rails. The front and rear cross bars are labelled so you don't make that mistake either. Hint the front cross bar is longer than the rear cross bar.

  • R Peterson - wonderful book

    Rick does a great job with his books and this one is no exception. The recommendations throughout it were spot on from the food to the hints on how to get into places faster. I would definitely recommend it for anyone traveling to Italy.

  • GardenGirl3878 - I like this kit a lot

    I like this kit a lot. It's really easy to use and I have seen a slight difference. I only left mine on for 15 minutes 2 days in a row. I was really nervous about getting it on my gums so I used it differently and I had no problems with painful gums. I used a small, clean makeup brush to gently brush on the gel on to each tooth instead of just putting little beads in the mouth trays. When the mouth trays hit your teeth, the beads flatten and go right up into the gums and it just sits there on them causing irritation. If you brush a small amount on the teeth you are really putting it just where you want it. I took photos of my teeth before and after and I can see the slightest difference in whiteness. Now, this wasn't like glowing teeth afterward but it did remove a bit of yellow stains..I drink a lot of tea so I am happy with my results so far. My teeth used to get really sensitive when I did the Crest whitestrips but so far I have had no sensitivity whatsoever and no stinging. I received this kit at a discount in exchange for my honest review. If you can keep the gel off the gums, you should have no problems. Lots of product for many uses and packaged securely.

  • Amazon Customer - Great reliable modem

    I bought this modem for my Comcast 50 mbps cable internet. It took minimal setup, and worked seamlessly with my Linksys WRT610n wireless router. I've been using this modem for about 3 months without the slightest hiccup. I haven't had to reset the modem or router or do any troubleshooting whatsoever, which is exactly what I'm looking for in a modem. It will eventually save me money by avoiding a paying a modem rental fee to Comcast every month to boot.