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  • Hatbox121 - Good stuff

    This stuff is great. It only takes a little so it should last a long time. You are only supposed to apply it no more than once a week. I do use a good moisturizer afterwards so I've had no issues with it drying my skin out. I don't have a bunch of acne so I can't say how well it works on that. I'm planning on trying it on my entering into the teens daughter just for that. You simply rub it on, wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry and then wipe off with a wet cloth. Ta da! Done. I do it while I'm soaking in the tub.

  • NYStateOfMind - A very close shave w/NO RAZOR BUMPS!

    I've been using this for the last 3 months and I'm a very satisfied customer. I get a very close shave, and no razor bumpors. I'm Afircan American and my beard is coarse and curly, sometimes with many razor this can lead to ingrown hair problems. I highly recommend this, because it's a much close shave than the typical elctric razors by brands such as Braun and Norelic. It's very cheap and the only maintainence is clipper oil. I cam across these because the only time I would get a great shave was at the barber. When he used clippers on me I've never had any problems with ingrown hair, therefore I decided to own my own pair of clippers. I'm very pleased with with product and highly recommended as a very effective and affordable method for shaving and trimming.

  • Celeste M Peabody - FABULOUS!!

    Although the product did not help my husband's hip (it was a long shot at best, he actually has bone spurs there any way) it has helped his back a great deal. He remarked recently that he was able to turn around while backing up the tractor for the first time in years with no pain!! Fabulous!!

  • vfrizzo - Looks awesome and very functional.

    Looks awesome and very functional. Installed on my 2012 xterra and no change in signal. Also looks great.. No more annoying stock antenna scraping across the garage door when I pull in. Easy to install. Just unscrew the stock antenna and scew this bad boy in.. Would definately recommend.