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  • Evan M - Great Product

    The jersey fits perfectly and looks great! It is exactly as described and the price is unbeatable at how low it is. I definitely recommend buying this if you're looking for a soccer jersey. One thing though is that there is no large blank spot on the back of the jersey as the picture shows. It just has the stripes all around.

  • Tiffany Butler - Sleek

    I replaced an antenna that was broken, but love it better than the original. Works great and looks sleek.

  • A Customer - Wish it had a Nap setting

    Love it and my child easily understood the green light/get up red light/bed concept. The biggest negative is you can't set it for a nap. It's a little confusing for a 2 year old. I turn it red for his nap, but he wants to see green when it is time to wake up and I have no desire to reset it everyday.

  • Nancy Gross - Sandy Savior

    I bought this generator on the Wednesday before Sandy and thanks to Amazon prime I received it on the Friday before the storm. Sure enough the first blow from Sandy knocked out our power for 11 days. This little generator got us through those days by running two refrigerators, two sump pumps, furnace, sundry lights, and recharged various cell phones. The latter was important due to the loss of internet and phone service. The following are the observations I have to make concerning the unit: it generally started on the first pull; the wheel kit for me was an absolute necessity; you definitely need a long necked funnel to fill it with oil; the instructions left something to be desired in clarity; the Coleman line splitter is important to utilize the 30 amp outlet if you have more than two lines running to appliances/lights; it is loud, but unless you are willing to shell out a lot more money than it is something you can tolerate; tech support is pretty weak, between the constant busy signals and non-responsiveness to messages; the item had a small oil leak right out of the box (luckily it was slow and cat litter was helpful to soak it up); and lastly the Amazon ad and instructions refer to a gas gauge, well it simply didn't have one (I used a clean metal rod as a dip stick to check the level, you can also do it visually).

  • Frank Scoblete author of Confessions of a Wayward Catholic - White Fight, White Flight

    Charles Murray has come in for plenty of criticism for his book "The Bell Curve" but this book shouldn't get too many readers upset since it deals with the declining experiences of the white population of America. Fascinating.

  • Sungirl - Excellent Stuff!!!

    I absolutely love this stuff. It makes my skin look clearer with less fine lines. I definitely notice a difference in the clarity and feel of my skin. It also helps to even out the tone. I am a long distance runner and this cream definitely has helped to keep my skin from taking a beating. I use this product a long with a top of the line medical grade Sun Block.

  • AncientGeek - Warm hands all day

    I have owned two of these hand warmers for several years and purchased two more this month. I have Raynaud's, and my fingers are very vulnerable to cold temperatures. I originally used these for outdoor sports, but now I've started using them on all cold days. I start them in the morning, let them get good and hot and then place them in the pouch. I keep them in the pockets of my jacket all day. When I'm walking outside, I can keep my hands nice and warm in my pockets or I can put on my nice warm gloves that are in my pockets next to the hand warmers all day.