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  • Alicia Hollinger - Really decreases appetite!

    I'm not overweight but just wanted to lose a few vanity pounds and when I saw it on sale at CVS, I bought it out of curiosity. Because I'm not large to begin with, I just took half the recommended dose and boy, did it decrease my appetite! I really had no desire for food at all and had to remind myself and force my self to eat. I could have easily gone all day without eating anything, but wanted to eat some healthy calories. For me this would be unhealthy to take too often because I wouldn't be able to fit in enough nutrition with the low calorie intake. For those with a bigger appetite and more weight to lose, I could see this being helpful as long as you can eat enough to get all the necessary nutrients in or be sure to take supplements. If anyone wanted to try a short term fast, this would make it very easy!

  • Randolph L Perkins - Ultimate

    This is surely an exhaustive book for Revit. I am yet to really crack it open, but the what I have read so far is really instructive.

  • An Average Guy - Not a stellar device, but still the best of the pack.

    Consumer pen cams aren't meant to be high-end products. A lot of compromise has to be made in order to pack an HD camera, battery, micro SD card and a processor in a working ball-point pen without costing as much as a government NSA-grade product.. They're designed for "down & dirty" covert video and this one performs as I expected

  • Scott - The most impactful book I've read in years

    I cannot overstate the value of this book for any married couple, whether you're on the verge of divorce, or just starting out (or even just planning to get married). This book absolutely rocked me as I saw so many of the problems in my own marriage spelled out in uncanny detail, with clear action plans to fix them. Aspects of my marriage that had baffled me for years now make perfect sense after reading the book. I only wish I had learned this stuff 20 years ago, because of all the pain and hurt that I could have avoided for both my wife and I. My only issue I have with the book is that some of the language is a bit crude, so be warned.

  • makarpc - Beware of very poor tech support on professional version

    I use Office Professional 2010 which includes Outlook and 1 yr tech support included in the purchase price. I am now on my 4th attempt to correct a problem with the way the program sorts the contacts. Every call goes to India (which is not in itself a problem except this MS vendor will not solve the problem nor will they allow a manager to get on the call to assist the customer) and trying to get to the 2nd level support is nearly impossible, even though I have talked with that level twice. Microsoft needs to get their act together when it comes to providing qualified support. I have owned the office suite for 10 years and I have never been so disappointed in Microsoft. I am very close to removing this product and going to a free email program. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Robert Lubsen - Five Stars

    Excellent messenger case. Everything I need fits. Especially odd shaped items. Durable, flexible, adjustable. Very nice and stylish.