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  • LegalEagle - Mane N Tail for Humans Too

    I discovered this shampoo a few years ago. I was having a problem with my hair falling out, shedding, and my sister told me that this shampoo would help. She was right! I have been using this shampoo for myself ever since. I notice that when I am out, or traveling and forget to bring it that my hair sheds more than when I use this shampoo. I also use the conditioner.

  • Balint Sarkadi - ... for a little guy but he was very very happy with it and we are all liked it very ...

    I bought it as a present for a little guy but he was very very happy with it and we are all liked it very much! :))

  • Helen Rivault - "It really works"

    I used Arthri-D about 3 years ago after being told I needed a knee replacement. My knee began feeling better and I did not get the knee replacement. Recently my knee started bothering me again and I have started taking Arthri-D again and have already noticed an improvement. I recommend Arthri-D for anyone with joint problems. I will use it to avoid surgery as long as I can.

  • Brooke - Mmm....

    I haven't made any of the recipes yet, but I have read through them and am looking forward to trying some out. Being American, I didn't know about a lot of these dishes, and admittedly some of them don't sound as tasty as I imagined when reading the books, but I'm willing to try them (I just hope I can make it right). She includes little tidbits of information about different recipes, like where each derived and everything, it's really cool. There's a few recipes I imagined to be something different, like Cauldron Cakes, I always imagined it to be something like chocolate lava cake or something, but her interpretation is pancakes, which is probably more accurate. It would be awesome if we could get J.K. Rowling's opinion on the book! Anyhow, looking forward to tasting some of the foods from my favorite books! Bring the magic to life!

  • masih sadeghi - worked! do recommend

    97 4runner, I thought i had a very small head gasket leak as I had a engine shaking similar to a misfire and i was losing radiator water very slowly (over about 3-4 weeks of driving >250 miles/week) no sign of water in my oil, no vapor out of tail pipe, no over eating as long as i had water in the radiator, no mixing in radiator fluid. after 2 months of driving around i did get a check engine light that showed misfire in cylinder 5, i had recently changed all spark plugs, wire and coil and had put a new fuel injector in cyl 5 over a year ago. bought a 32oz bottle, poured half in, followed instructions to the T. no more losing water, i have driven close to 2000 miles since. i do have a very very faint shaking still but only after driving a lot on a hot day and when stopped in traffic or behind a red light and car is in gear. I notice the shaking but no one else doe. I am planning on putting the other half in a month or so. After reading all the reviews over different sites. i thought i had about a 50-60% chance of working, 30-40% of getting blockage in other parts of the system and 20-30% chance of it doing nothing. a head gasket job was out of the question as it would cost more than my salvaged title runner with over 250K on it. It is important to follow the directions, especially flushing your cooling system well and having the thermostat out. Overall, in my experience it did work and would definitely recommend.

  • D. Smith - Does what it is made to do

    comes with two in case you mess the first up,i did not,but you need to take your time and get it right the first time.