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  • carolyn boersma - I love this. In fact almost everyone at our barn ...

    I love this . In fact almost everyone at our barn owns one now. The hair just falls off. No need to keep removing hair like you do with a curry comb. Might be a bit rough around bony spots but it makes a tiresome chore actually kind of fun.

  • Potto - Great Product!

    Sometimes I use a little of this just as a general conditioner, and it's quite nice. However, when I use it as directed and leave it on longer after showering and then rinse, it makes my hair silky and smooth after blow drying, a welcome relief as my hair is shoulder length, thin, and tends to wave and frizz. The price is far better through Amazon than retail!

  • Shefeline - Preventing split ends and giving me silky strands since 2003

    This is hands down the best leave-in treatment on the market and has been for many years. Even since I was a teenager my hair would grow to about 6-8in past my shoulders and start splitting all over, forcing me to cut it, and no fancy product seemed to help. Then back in 2003 I worked as a hair product consultant/salesgirl in this giant Beauty Supply store which carried more hair brands that you ever knew existed. People gasped when they would walk in. I learned a lot about hair there and got to try a huge number of products, including Biosilk Serum which I have been using since then. It prevents split ends, dentangles my fine hair without leaving it greasy or weighted down, and leaves it silky smooth and soft. People always ask me what I'm using when they touch my hair. Over the decade that I have been using this, I have occasionally tried other similar silicone-based serums, from Biolage to Chi to Paul Mitchell to KMS to RUSS and many others I can't even remember now. And nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to Biosilk!!! I've ran out a few times and stopped using it and before long the hair gets dry, splitends-y, and a horrible tangled mess.

  • Black Guy on the East Coast - Finally!!!

    Yes! Finally! I've been reading the book since Tuesday and I'm glad Luvvie decided to put the pen to paper and share her thoughts in a longer format. Who says millennials don't read - well we do and we still love books. Judge me if you want.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the this:

    *** UPDATED REVIEW 10/18/2016 - Added more information, links to parts I used to upgrade, and added battery life info ***

  • Tiffany - Great product!

    This is a great protein treatment! However, you have to be extremely careful when you use it. It will cause your hair to get extremely hard and will make your hair dry. DO NOT COMB THROUGH IT WHILE IT IS HARD!!!!! I recommend that you use a good deep moisturizer if you are going to use this product. I personally keep the conditioner on for a few hours to make sure my hair gets moisture back in it. I would definitely recommend this product if you are experiencing hair breakage.

  • Linda A. Wingfield - I Love This!!!

    I love my new coffee maker! My husband and I live in the "in-law" suite of our youngest daughter's home. We have a kitchenette with no stove and limited counter space. With this little goody, I heat up my water in the microwave, then pour the hot water into my (large) mug through the filter, and voila! Lovely hot coffee. The filter then just turns inside out to dump out the grounds and a quick rinse makes it ready for the next cup. Perfect! Thank you!