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  • Einsatz - When More is Less

    As a person who loves disaster flicks I was so looking forward to seeing this latest entry from director Roland Emmerich (especially since I already have most of his films in my collection). I'm sorry to say I didn't add this one to it.

  • Donna - Good replacements

    Nice looking. Not like the originals but cost a fraction of the price. So far they have stayed on which is better than some of the cheaper replacements I have tried.

  • ChrisC - Not sure yet

    I received this about a month ago, and really have not had a chance to actually use the program and get the most out of it. My son has used this product and he loves it, because it will give you a precise map of the locations that you want to visit. Yes, I know there is a little thing called GPS, and I do use it, but I use it on my phone and just watch the battery drain down. I am a visual person and I like to see the overall picture of where I am going, and this will provide it for me. So at this time I can not give it a good or bad rating, but I am sure it will do exactly what I want it to do for me.

  • Julia L Pearson - Tummy Slimming Fail

    I was hoping for a miracle. Or at least results that I read from the 4- and 5- star reviews. I used the cream and belt exactly and religiously and noticed no difference whatsoever. I tried leaving the belt on longer, too, but there was no change.

  • Nancy S Bell - It didn't work

    I was really disappointed, though not really surprised. It definitely does not work at all. Just holding in your tummy a couple times a day will give you the same result.

  • Melissa Dawn - Holy page turner

    This story line between Misha and Ryen is one that I have been dying to read every since Penelope Douglas said she thought of it. I was so intrigued by the relationship and the idea of two kids being set up as pen pals by their teachers, Staying friends and ending up becoming soulmates especially after everything that they go through through life without ever meeting the book was death to everything I imagined it would be plus more and needless to say I couldn't put it down I read the whole thing today amazing job Penelope Douglas amazing and I love the characters I love the story

  • bob19 - easy to install

    works well, easy to install, fits perfectly, looks good; however, there is wind noise at highway speed - this probably is a function of ANY cross-bar and not due to this particular brand