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  • Amazon Customer - Good game but crappy guitar

    Bought this for my son. He really enjoyed it until the guitar broke. He had it for only a couple of weeks. We returned it with no problems because amazon is awesome. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Picked up a fender guitar, strap, picks, a carrying case and the game with the wire all for the same price as the bundle. The fender guitar is soooo much better then the guitar that comes with the game. My son was always tuning the guitar after every song. The fender always stays tuned.

  • L. Moniz - Works fine but is tricky to get good results.

    I used this kit to try to join a few finished pieces of oak. The pieces, despite being locked down to my workbench pretty tightly, torqued out of alignment when I tried to screw them together. The jig itself works fine and the drilled holes line up very nicely but something is amiss in the way the screws bite. The included instructions are well done and worth the few minutes needed to review. I'm not sure if there is anything that I can use this for if I cannot get the pieces to join smoothly.