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  • Jerry Briones - Are you kidding me.

    This better be a joke. I ordered this game on the 18th of January and received it on the 23rd on the same month. Fast shipping, check. Today is the 23rd and I was so excited when this arrived in the mail! I opened the package and opened the cover only to find that there wasn't anything there. Only the instructions and no game. Refund ! I want my money back or give me the game. I am so disappointed and upset.

  • Daniel L. Grimes - Working like a charm

    Elevated Pillows, lying on my side, and nose clips are not for me. I Bought this under desperation. I cant afford to pay expensive surgery to solve this snoring problem. The chin strap is working like a charm. I sleep better now without any problem. I would definately recommended this product.

  • David - THE BEST! No joke.

    This stuff is a miracle worker, no joke. We've been using it and buying it for two years now for our son and if we have more kids we will continue to use it! Tried multiple diaper rash products before and none of them worked except for this one. Triple paste started clearing his diaper rash in less than two hours!! Amazing stuff, seriously worth every penny.

  • Jim H - Good for simple tax situations, but hard if you have obscure or complicated taxes

    TaxAct is a decent product, don't get me wrong, but its assisted tax process is kludgy and not that helpful. If you have a relatively simple 1040 and some of the forms that TurboTax does not support except at much higher cost (Schedule C business income, Schedule D investment sales and the like), then definitely go with TaxAct. But if you have more complexity, newly married or second marriage and pulling together two tax situations with a little complexity, AMT, foreign investment tax (one of the surprisingly annoying secrets of buying a foreign corporation stock on the US exchanges), HSA, etc., then you will be disappointed I think with TaxAct. Maybe I didn't really "get" the interface, which would help support the problem when you think about it, but I gotta rate it a no for any real tax complexity.

  • Bryan B. - Love the product only thing is thats its a lottle ...

    Love the product only thing is thats its a lottle smaller on the width side for most double dins and that when using the backup camera it cuts off the music.

  • Joseph - Good and Bad

    loved it at first. used it once every 3 days on my sensitive skin for a couple weeks. after a couple weeks my skin started getting very red and raw. I've left it alone for a week and my skin is back to normal.

  • Raven K - You want Biotin to last you forever? Buy this.

    Wow, talk about bang for your buck. These things are waaaaaay over the recommended dose. You could divide a pill into 4 and take on of those a day and be okay. I swear I'll have this bottle for years.