Scolaro Promo | Umbrele, pavilioane de gradina si publicitare, lampi cu incalzire infrarosu - Ai nevoie de produse profesioniste pentru gradina sau terasa ta? Exploreaza site-ul nostru pentru a gasi: lampi cu incalzire infrarosu, umbrele pentru terasa si

  • Umbrele Aluminiu | Scolaro Promo - Umbrele Aluminiu Umbrele Retractabile din Aluminiu   Umbrela este prevăzută cu braț lateral retractabil. Întregul schelet este
  • Lămpi cu încălzire infraroșu | Scolaro Promo - Vrei caldura instant? Opteaza pentru lampile cu incalzire infrarosu, care iti vor oferi o caldura placuta, la fel ca razele soarelui.

    Country:, Europe, RO

    City: 25.55 Prahova, Romania

  • Nmundi - Like this

    I got this gloves for my son for Christmas, he is 30years old and him and all his friends like to go on their biks to all the different parks in south Florida, and he like this ones very much

  • Baronessa di Tomassi - Cover, no caking!

    I've been a fan of this product for years! The coverage is amazing, it even masks the pores! I tried pretty much every concealer in the drugstore, and a few more expensive brands; but nothing compares to this. One jar lasts me 3+ months, but even if use it more it's well worth the money.

  • Writer/Reader - Skip this one unless you know nothing about nutrition!

    I found this book exasperatingly redundant. The good doctor repeats the same things ad nauseum.. There really is nothing new here for anyone who is interested in good health through nutrition.

  • ParkerKate - Unique and Good Quality.

    Arrived on time and in perfect condition in protective plastic tube. Clear quality pictures. Purchased as a gift and recipient was pleased. Would purchase again. Arrived on time.

  • Julie - This stuff is the worst

    Don't ever use an acrylic epoxy- they just don't hold up. I used this on the fiberglass walls of my shower stall and followed the directions to the letter. I spent several days drying out the shower, prepping, painting and curing it. It looked fantastic. Still, within a year it was cracking, separating and peeling. We use the shower every day and I was very gentle when cleaning it, never using abrasives or harsh chemicals. It looks worse now than before I used it. I did use an oil based epoxy on the shower floor and it has held up fantastically. It gets a lot more wear than the walls and I scrub it with Comet and it still looks like I just did it. I don't recommend this to anyone, all the time and effort and now I have to replace the whole fixture.

  • Heavenk - Always an excellent buy!

    This was our third Lego city advent calendar, and it never disappoints! The winter scenes and activities are very entertaining, and my son is excited about every new character/item he gets to build.

  • Casey Lynn - Stays off bladder infections

    I'll admit, I'm the type that gets bladder infections at the drop of a hat from all the usual suspects the doctor tells you to watch out for. AZO Cranberry works amazing for preventing them BEFORE I get them. (If I get them, I need antibiotics to clear them up so I don't recommend this product for treatment of an existing infection.)