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  • Andrea v. Arce V. - This pills actually work!! i love them!

    at first i was a unsure if i should buy this pills, because i've been searching a lot. i have a blood problem and im alergic to calcium for the bones, and didnt know if would affect me, but i tried this one bcuz are NATURAL. I've been taking them for at least 3 months, no side effects work great, my hair has grown so fast in 1 month it growth more than an inch, it didnt before. my nails are so strong, i used to use acrylic nails, bcuz my nails were vrey soft, now i got rid of the acrylics! and love my new natural nails! i thought that i would never find a product that actually will work, but i highly recommend this product is excellent!

  • Charles Burgess - Not As Useful As In Prior Years

    This edition is just not as useful as it was in its earlier years. Hopefully it will be better in its next issue. It's value is primarily to a photographer who is just entering the commercial field (if you are charging money beyond the hobby phase, then it is commercial, whether for business or consumers).

  • Amazon Customer - Unhappy

    These cups did not work with my machine. Now I'm stuck with 36 useless cups! The clip did not work. Buyer beware!

  • HealthNut - Best book I ever bought!

    My 5th purchas! My family had HUGE health changes due to earthing. Sleeping better/less pain on their grounding sheets and computer mats. Less peeing in the middle of the night. I make the sheets for them from Argen mesh fabric, (3 ft is good for 2 people. Then duct tape it to the mattress cover. Put fitted sheet over that. In 3.5 mos my fibro is 90% better. Husband’s back pain due to crushed vertebrae is in 35% less pain after 2 wks sleeping on the sheet. He became a Chiro to help his pain, but NOTHING worked like this does. A chronic snorer w/ some sleep apnea now he sometimes doesn't snore now. The you-tube movie: "Grounded - the documentary" is a MUST. Get a fit bit and see how your sleep changes.

  • Lorraine Smith - This is a great product.

    Before reading about the effects a toxic liver has on the body I had never thought to take a liver cleanse. After taking Complete Liver Cleanse I left like a new person, I don't feel tired and worn down anymore and with this new energy I've lost 15.

  • Jocelyn - No thanks

    Read this book from cover to cover. Still got hit by a huge ship. Am very disappointed in misleading title.

  • Amazon Customer - Compelling adventure with believable characters

    Great way to see Australia without the jet lag. Solid story kept me guessing till the end. Enjoyed the hero as well as the romance. Would highly recommend this book and others I've read by this author. Sure to be optioned for the big screen.