SASR Austin - Alzheimer's Clinical Trials, Deep TMS Therapy clinical trials, Bipolar clinical trials - SASR is a clinical research site in Austin, Texas. We specialize in conducting clinical trials in the areas of Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, memory loss, OCD, smoking cessation, psychiatric disorders and deep transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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  • CMOS - There is None Better.

    I find it amazing how many people rip on a DVD or Blu-Ray purchase because there "weren't enough extra scenes" or some other nit-pick. While a valid area for review, the main point of your review should be about the MOVIE. Particularly old movies which don't have 5 different versions floating around on DVD like all of today's movies, where one might be tempted to compare the "modern features" or extras between them.

  • PAN66 - Works good as long as it works.

    It did a great job but went through cartridges faster than I expected. I think that the number of uses it tells you is based on the lowest setting and I used higher settings. It has been a year now and now it stopped working. Every replacement cartridge I have put in recently (4) has worked for 2-3 times then the unit alarms to tell me the cartridge needs replaced. :( If it hadn't started doing that, I would have given it a 4 rating at the very least. I couldn't rate it a 2 because I really did like it and felt that it worked well. Unfortunately, it just didn't work for very long.