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  • S. Hunter - Neat little program.

    Fun to use and fairly intuitive for simple features, but limited as would be expected from the price. I used Freehand, Illustrator, Painter, Photoshop and they are great BUT complicated to learn. Sketchbook Pro is like carrying a little paper sketchbook for making some quick studies. I know that there are some real experts out there turning out very professional stuff using Sketchbook Pro. My problem is that the tutorial list is pretty short and I could waste hours trying to learn how to use all of the features that may be available. The designers of the program and Autodesk would do better at selling this rather useful program if they would provide some better documentation of features. I found the Help feature lacking and had to ferret out other instruction on YouTb and others. Autodesk's website was rather obtuse but I finally found where they hid the info on Sketchbook. Found better stuff elsewhere.

  • Moss Parker - The only reasonable choice for a $1K CPU!

    Insane Motherboard! I completed the build yesterday afternoon and after 20hrs of Passmark BurninTest I'd say this system is a winner. Right out of the box I was able to OC the 5960X to a stable 4.4GHz at 1.348V. At that frequency and voltage Running the Passmark CPU test at 90%, the max temp reached in 15 min was 71degC. I throttled it back to 4.2GHz (where I intend to keep it) and it idles at 31degC, and the maximal temp reached during the overnight test @ 4.2GHz was 58degC with the CPU test at 50%.. The reviews of this MB both here and New**g are all over the place, but after having finished this build, I'm thinking that anything other than a defective motherboard is probably a matter of operator error. If you are going to shell out $1K for the CPU, this is the only reasonable choice for a MB. I'm, among other things, an audio recording engineer and running through my studio 5.2 system, the audio is fine. The on board WIFI is excellent, and the improved ROG AI Suite 3 is outstanding. My only complaint is that the BIOS looks great, but it took me a while to find the tweaking tools for the OC. I think the most amazing thing to me is how quiet the build is, even under load. I'm listing the complete build below, because I would have liked to have seen it before this build, if nothing more for the combination of parts that work flawlessly together.

  • Amanda Townsend - Great

    Love the song and the artist! The sound quality was great sounds perfect on small or large systems couldn't be happier!

  • syed naqvi - that I like. The first and biggest reason is it's made ...

    There are several things about this Retinol Moisturizer Cream, by Majestic Pure, that I like. The first and biggest reason is it's made in the USA. Second I like how a little goes a long way. Third, I love how my skin feels after I use it. Lastly, I really do feel that with long term use, I would notice a difference based on my experience already.

  • S. Little - very ineffective, way too expensive, lacks results, look elsewhere

    for all the hype this gets i was very disappointed. i wish i had asked around before purchasing because i found this to be very ineffective. i suggest using a source that isn't an infomercial.