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  • Ozark DC9 - horrible experience

    What happened to Jackie C is exactly what happened to me!!! I had new Bruce hardwood floors installed last year. They have a nice shine to them, so when I saw "Rejuvenate" I thought, perfect. I applied it to the floor, and indeed, initially, it looked really nice. But only after a few weeks, something was noticeably wrong. There were white splotches and areas that looked like they were a creamy, dull color. I was really perplexed. I had the guys come out who installed the floor to look at it and he immediately knew what the problem was--it was the Rejuvenate. He brought some Bruce hardwood cleaner, and also told me to go buy a small soft putty knife. He also told me to get Odorless Mineral Spirits. So for the past two days, I have been spraying a combination of the mineral spirits,water, and the Bruce floor care cleaner on my floor, let it sit for awhile, and then I am able to scrape the Rejuvenate off with the putty knife. An amazingly frustrating and time consuming experience.

  • Small town girl - Worked for me with a couple of work-arounds

    I downloaded Quicken 2010 Home and Business as an update for Quicken 2009 Home and Business. The download and installation from Amazon was no problem after I downloaded the Amazon files for downloading software and games. Had a slight problem getting my old Quicken files to convert to the new version of Quicken. Ended up bypassing the installation option to convert my old files and instead used the "file/open" option after I got the software installed and that worked fine, converted my files and then I just saved that opened file. Also had a problem in that I have another program that uses the .pdf printer option and the Quicken .pdf printer settings were keeping my other software from using the .pdf printer option. I had to delete and reinstall the .pdf printer file for that other software so that it would again be first in line. Overall, this seems to be a smoother upgrade than 2009 which was a nightmare until they got all their glitches fixed. I would also add that I tried the online support from Quicken and after waiting in the print cue for 24 minutes, at 9 seconds it canceled my request and gave me a search box instead so I wouldn't waste my time waiting in line for help.

  • Amazon Customer - Stroke survivor

    My husband had a stroke 11 yrs ago and this is helping him to do exercises that are good for him. He did ride his bike to the gym weekly but we live in a warm climate and that has limited him. So now he does things at home more often. I love it for myself also, 72 and need this exercise. It is like Silver Sneakers just done at home.

  • i like her - love it

    this game has many cool features with different regions and diffrent animals I love this game please get it and tell your friends

  • Dorene - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. I'm on my second bottle and I swear my hair looks longer every day. I have thyroid issues and my hair has thinned a lot. I was taking regular Biotin but it doesnt work as well as this stuff. I follow a hypothyroid support page on FB and it mentioned silica for hair loss, and this is the only vitamin I've seen containing silica. My hair is already long but I want to grow another 4-6 inches. With these vitamins I may just reach that goal! People are commenting on how long my hair is getting. Highly recommended.