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  • Graciela Pinela - Worked well for me!

    I had never used a sleep aid before but I recently have had trouble falling and staying asleep and decided to try ZzzQuil. I worked well for me! It was a company I can trust and I was not disappointed.

  • Lynette Farley - Will buy again

    Cream is light and feels great on your skin. The container is awesome and it squirts out of the top. One pump is the perfect amount for one application, so I feel like it helps you not overuse or waste any. I have noticed a significant difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I will definitely continue to use this!

  • HWWoman - Will this work on humans as well?

    I received this product from a vendor with Amazon (Sea Coral) and it took a very long time to arrive. I was heading out for a walk in the evening with my dog on a road in a wooded neighborhood that I get to by walking through our woods (ticks?) and then across a busy road , so I decided to be a human guinea pig and try it on myself and my dog. On the label it states that it "kills flea eggs", "kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes by contact" and that it "repels mosquitoes". It contains no pyrethrins or cedar oil. No one else in these reviews has mentioned the mosquito component. If it does work on humans as well, then it is a very good value since I purchased a 32 oz. spray bottle for a very reasonable price when you compare it with buying other insect repellents for personal use. I sprayed some on my hands and then rubbed it on my legs and arms. It smells very good and it creates a lather like liquid soap when you rub it in. I also took a bandanna and sprayed it and tied it around my neck. Now maybe there were no mosquitoes to contend with and I will continue to try out the product, but no mosquitoes even came close to me. I also rubbed the liquid into my dog's coat. I did not experience any skin irritation whatsover. If nothing else, this product appears to be fairly mild and it contains only three active ingredients - peppermint oil, eugenol (clove extract) and sodium lauryl sulfate (isn't that a soap ingredient?). I wouldn't recommend it for a densely wooded area, but it might work in an area with some mosquitoes or ticks.