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  • SVanDee - Mac version can't validate the backup data

    The Mac version of this software is nowhere near comparable to the PC version. If you're planning to use this on a Mac, try it out under the 30 day trial period before you buy it.

  • Michelle - Weight Loss!

    I bought this product before a minor surgery to help expedite healing. I was told I would not be able to work out for 30 days and was concerned not only about the longish healing process for my injury, but also the muscle loss and potential weight gain I would face with not being able to work out that long. , After reading all of the great reviews of collagen supplementation for skin and muscle I decided to buy these and start taking them the day of the surgery.

  • RandomTexan - Awesome and easy assembly, fast shipping.

    Easy to put together, took me and a friend all of 12 minutes while drinking to snap this thing together. No tools required (other than to secure it to a palette), and it is STURDY. I'm a 6' guy and I "planked" on top of the roof after we constructed it and it didn't even wiggle. Large enough to easily fit my Great Danebull (Dane/Pit bull mix) and have room for her to turn around and all that good stuff (although she still hasn't even gone in it yet, but that's not a problem from the products' end).

  • B. Lugo - Oh, awesome FA!!

    What can I say?? if you are taking USMLE Step 1 you should get this book!! It is different than the previous years ones, it has more useful info on it and it's really like the bible for Step 1!!

  • jen toci - I tried this product and spent the day in the ...

    I tried this product and spent the day in the ER in incredible pain. I had a severe reaction to it with my eyelids actually hemorrhaging. The whites of my eyes swelled up with blood and mucous and I still have blood in the whites of my eyes two weeks later. The doctors put me on steroid eye drops and said if I hadn't come in to be treated I might have lost my eyesight in a day or two. I had slight puffiness the morning after the first day I used it and thought I didn't get enough sleep. The next time I used it all hell broke loose. Please be very careful about this stuff.

  • JASMINA T. - Best purchase ever!

    I was a bit reluctant to get this due to the price, but this mini stroller is the way to go! We were traveling to Mexico this year and wanted a compact stroller but didnt wan't an umbrella stroller. This stroller was perfect. It is light enough to carry and it's easy to fold and open when in a rush. It is smooth and comfortable and even though the tires are not the actual running stroller tires, i have used it for running and its great. BUt again, i am by no means a long distance runner. Just a miler or two here and there.

  • Amazon Customer - Plastic housing leaks.

    Do not buy. After just 5 months cheap plastic housing developed pin hole leaks. The leaks are not at the sleeves/joints where it screws on but in the actual housing which is cheap plastic and not pvc material like the name brand. After reading all the negative comments about poor customer support and reluctance to replace defective product, I did not even attempt to submit warranty claim but instead am trying to patch with 3m marine adhesive.