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Rapid City Medical Center | - Rapid City Medical Center is South Dakota's premier provider for urgent care, walk-in clinic care, family medical care and more.

  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/about About | Rapid City Medical Center - From our provider directory to career opportunities, learn more about Rapid City Medical Center.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/medical-center-spearfish The Medical Center of Spearfish | Rapid City Medical Center - The Medical Center of Spearfish is offering services in eight specialties to Spearfish and the surrounding area.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/urgent-care Urgent Care | Rapid City Medical Center - When your symptoms just can’t wait, our Urgent Care Clinic is here for you after hours, seven days a week and always staffed by a board certified physician.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/internal-medicine Internal Medicine | Rapid City Medical Center - The Internal Medicine Clinic at Rapid City Medical Center provides general healthcare services for adult patients ages 18 and older.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/anticoagulation Anticoagulation | Rapid City Medical Center - The anticoagulation clinic is staffed by a nurse who monitors and manages the warfarin (Coumadin®) medication prescribed to prevent blood clots.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/infusion-clinic Infusion Clinic | Rapid City Medical Center - The Rapid City Medical Center Infusion Clinic provides complete infusion therapy services that meet all patient needs.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/family-medicine Family Medicine | Rapid City Medical Center - Forming a strong relationship and scheduling regular check-ups with one physician is the key to identifying possible concern before they become problems.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/dermatology Dermatology | Rapid City Medical Center - The Skin Institute is the largest board certified group of dermatologists in the region for complete skin care for medical, surgical and cosmetic needs.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/histology-lab Histology Lab | Rapid City Medical Center - The histology lab at Rapid City Medical Center uses state-of-the-art equipment to process skin samples, most of which are available for next-day results.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/mohs-surgery Mohs Micrographic Surgery | Rapid City Medical Center - Mohs Surgery is a state-of-the-art skin cancer procedure with the highest potential for recovery.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/ear-nose-throat Ear, Nose, Throat | Rapid City Medical Center - Our clinic offers the highest quality care in medical and surgical treatments of the ears, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/allergy-clinic Allergy Clinic | Rapid City Medical Center - The allergy clinic at Rapid City Medical Center specializes in the testing and treatment of environmental allergies such as animal dander and pollen.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/audiology Audiology | Rapid City Medical Center - Our on-site audiologist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of hearing loss and balance concerns.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/facial-plastic-surgery Facial Plastic Surgery | Rapid City Medical Center - Dr. Jay White is a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and has years of experience helping patients look and feel better about themselves.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/gastroenterology Gastroenterology | Rapid City Medical Center - As a team the gastroenterologists here specialize in prevention and treatment of disorders of the digestive system, including the liver and pancreas.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/surgery General Surgery | Rapid City Medical Center - Specializing in general, vascular, laparoscopic, breast, pediatric and bariatric surgeries, we are committed to your surgical needs and exceeding expectations.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/lap-band-surgery Bariatric Surgery | Rapid City Medical Center - Bariatric surgery offers a minimally invasive, highly successful weight loss option for overweight patients where other methods have failed.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/varicose-vein-treatment Varicose Vein Treatment | Rapid City Medical Center - Rapid City Medical Center has doctors and surgeons with expertise in the area of varicose and spider veins.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/infectious-disease Infectious Disease | Rapid City Medical Center - The infectious disease clinic specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all infections and disease, from viral to sexually transmitted.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/medical-imaging Medical Imaging | Rapid City Medical Center - Medical imaging at Rapid City Medical Center offers a full range of services, from urgent care x-rays to routine mammograms.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/bone-density-scanning Bone Density Testing | Rapid City Medical Center - Rapid City Medical Center offers bone density scanning as an important first step in detecting and treating osteoporosis.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/ct-scan CT Scan (Computerized Tomography) | Rapid City Medical Center - CT scans are a valuable tool used by the physicians at Rapid City Medical Center to aid in diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.
  • http://rapidcitymedicalcenter.com/mammography Mammography | Rapid City Medical Center - Digital mammography is the standard in breast imaging and is the best tool for early diagnosis.

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