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  • bsammons - Gripping

    A gripping tale of a hit and run that turned 3 families lives on end. The victims family went months with nothing but a me report saying their daughter was on drugs. Evelyn whose husband called her in the middle of the night to tow his car out of the ditch. After weeks in a haze she started stalking juliette and her husband Noah. When that comes crashing down she finally comes to terms and decides what will be done.

  • Mary Graves - Works for me

    I would and have recommended this product for people with allergies. I have noticed less of a problem this year as allergy season for me is full blown right now. I really think it works and that's what's important.

  • KLS7522 - I was recommended this product from an lactation consultant to help me ...

    I was recommended this product from an lactation consultant to help me out because I was diagnosed with IGT or Hypolasia of the Breast. I definitely saw and felt an increase in milk supply when using this product correctly.

  • Kym Hammershmid - awful

    This is awful. I bought fairy tales and circle of friends at the same time tried them both curly shampoo conditioner and the detaingler. Her hair felt so dirty like she had been in a dirty ocean not to mention her curls looked like she haunts washed for days . It was awful! I tried the circle of friends and it was night and day. Love it soft pretty curls. Hair looks awesome.

  • bob sacamano - Quickbooks nightmare

    Quickbooks is so bad I have been moved to write my first Amazon review. First I had installation problems and was on the phone for over 2 hours with various people who couldn't speak English and were very unhelpful, it was terribly maddening. I find the program to be overly complex for my small business and not intuitive to use. I have been warned about getting quickbooks set-up wrong and how problematic that can be. The going rate for one-on-one quickbooks help is $100 per hour. Average set up takes 3-5 hours. Upgrading the payroll for more than three employees is $150. This is getting expensive.

  • Iley - Don't and won't recommend this product to anyone I know

    While it appears to work on TV, got it home and the trimmer doesn't work very well at all. After trying it on one nail for a while, gave up. Don't really understand the thought that a cutting blade (not that it does all that much cutting) can be flipped over and be used as a file, which also didn't work very well.

  • Johnny12 - Best Trade Ever

    So i got this HDMI cable as a gift from Kony, and boy oh boy does it just make my t.v. shine. I lucked out though and I didn't have to play the listed price for it, I just traded my little sister and he gave it to me... for FREE!