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  • http://puresacra.com/product/productpure-sacra-essential-oil/ Pure Frankincense Oil PureSacra Essential Oil - Pure Sacra - 100% Pure Frankincense Oil Undiluted Sacra Essential Hydro-Distilled in the UK. Known for its miraculous healing properties in treating various aliments

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  • Dallas Guy - Mr. Beer is Mr. Best for home HME brewing.

    I received my Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and got around to 'brewing' my first batch in January, a few weeks before the Super Bowl. The instructions were easy to follow and in no time I had my first batch of beer ("Canadian High Country") in the fermenting keg and on its way. I waited two weeks before I bottled and followed the instructions and on Super Bowl Sunday, I had 8 Liters of my home brewed beer. It turned out great. I started fermenting my 2nd batch on President's day ("Oktoberfest") and will let it ferment 3 weeks before bottling.

  • Carol Langsford - leave the fur soft and smelling great. Easy to rinse off and that is a ...

    leave the fur soft and smelling great . Easy to rinse off and that is a plus -our Rott has delicate ( LOL ) skin and allergies so this works GREAT

  • Morena Carranza - It worked for me!!

    Soo, I got offered a union job, pretty good hourly pay, plus tips, I was ecstatic! Until they told me I had 24 hours to do a hair drug test.. I honestly thought about giving up on the job, and moving on. I'm not a heavy smoker, but I do smoke once in a while. I also like to rave, so I did take ecstasy/molly within the last month(I know, I know.. Just being honest tho). Anyway, my hair is pretty dirty! I remembered my friend told me he passed his drug test using Ultra Clean, so I thought I would just give it a try since it was my last resort. I wasn't about to put vinegar or bleach in my hair! I bought mine at a smoke shop. I took a loooong shower right before the test. I followed the instructions carefully, step by step, I constantly scrubbed each packet in head; from my scalp to the tips of my hair, 20 minutes each. After the shower, I combed my hair with my moms brush, air dried my hair, and put my hair up with my moms hair bands(not touching anything my hair has touched, including my car seat.) And surprisingly, I passed! I literally thought it was impossible, but it worked for me. Just thought sharing this would be helpful for others! :)

  • Boricua - Good price

    Peachtree is a good program only is you know it. You have to read all the instruction before you put in you laptop. Dont Get me wrong. Is a good program for students and mba office. But first read carefully all instruction.

  • cwayse - Great! NASTY AF though!

    I had to submit a pre employment drug test for my company. I took a at home the morning of the test and failed for thc, was scared shitless and only wanted to use the drink as a last resort. I followed the instructions and drank about 3 bottles of water before drinking the qcarbo32. After drinking that nasty ass drink I slammed 2 more smart waters and pee'd twice. Held the next piss in used it for the test. Next day I was hired! However wether it makes a difference or not idk im not expert but i stayed clean for almost a month before. If your in the same boat definitely recommend this product. Thanks QCARBO32! Also because I never seen it in any of the other reviews and was a question I had my test was done in a lab!