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  • Elizabeth Ward - I won't ever use Krazy Glue again.

    This is perfect around our house. Super glue was the go to glue before we found a bottle of this. I decided to try it because the cost was comparable to what we would have put out for a bottle or two or traditional super glue, when this had a lot more glue in it. The set time is so much less than support glue!! It worked for all of the random broken things around our new rented place. The shelf for the fridge and the door for the microwave.

  • C Weems - Add 3 sheets of wet/dry paper and Windex to do a BETTER and FASTER job PLUS tips on warranty registration.

    Kit works great however if you have some 600, 800 and 1500 grit wet dry paper you can do a far better job in less time. The kit jumps from 400 to 1000 grit and then to 2000 grit. These jumps are too big. You either spend an inordinate amount of time using the 1000 and 2000 grit papers or leave some 400 grit scratches. For instance the 600 grit paper will quickly do a good job of removing the 400 grit scratches far faster and better than the 1000 grit paper. Same thing on the jump from 1500 to 2000 grit: use the 1500 grit paper for better results. I also used Windex as a wetting agent and lubricant. It works so well that your paper hardly wears at all. I'm going to try using a buffer and compound to get a haze free surface before I apply the UV protectorate. As it is once the UV coating is gone you still have only a 2000 grit haze underneath. As new the surface is gloss and then coated. Why not do the same thing?

  • Elena Popp - Pure amazement!

    I own a Kirby G4 and for all the years I have had it, I thought it was doing a good job. I have a very furry German Shepherd that tracks in dirt and sheds all year long. I have noticed that my carpets aren't really getting clean anymore and I have spent numerous hours using my Kirby's shampoo features and even have them professionally cleaned every year. I saw the infommercial for the Shark Navigator and thought I should try it, but was very skeptical. I went through my house with my Kirby, and then followed up with the Shark Navigator. I was amazed at the dirt it pulled out and how fluffy my carpets look! I had to stop the vacuum and emtpy the cannister more than a few times because it was loaded with dog fur and fine dust. I am so upset at the money and time I have wasted using the Kirby. I am going to tell everyone to get the Shark Navigator. I had to take pictures of the "stuff" I got out of the carpets to show everyone - I don't think they will believe me.

  • A. Dapice - Amazing!

    I love this product. Love it. I have always had nails that were thin and peeled at the edges, not anymore. I have never been able to grow them past my finger tips, now they are strong and its really incredible. I will however make all the hair on your body grow faster, but I think its a small price to pay.

  • C. Hoover - Not worth the price

    I am very disappointed in this jelly roll pan; it can be flexed with very little effort and is definitely not the product I thought I was getting. Stainless steel is supposed to be strong and not bend this easily. It is definitely not worth the price. I was foolish not to read all the reviews before I purchased it. The worst thing is that I also purchased one as a gift and I am embarrassed to have given it to that person.

  • TKMadness - Strong and Durable, Offers Tons Of Knee Support

    My husband works in construction as well as playing sports on a regular basis, and he is completely happy with the way these knew sleeves fit and feel. His knees take a beating and the joints are feeling their age. These sleeves provide just the right amount of support and the material is made of neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber like substance resistant to heat and water.