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    When you think things couldn't get any worse for the Galager family or funnier, they do. Outstanding performances by all!

  • Gary DZ - Great for backing up a system

    I use a computer with a Ceton tuner card for my TV. I was able to make an image of the system and restore that image to a different brand computer. I now have a back up of my TV Computer---if it ever crashes.

  • B. Bare - easy install, great product

    I'd recommend having another person help with the install, the tricky part being removing the rear caps on the rails. Note, you only need to remove the rear caps, not the forward caps. Have one person depress the tab with a flathead screwdriver. The second person should use a flathead screwdriver as well and a rubber mallet. Insert the screwdriver in the groove that identifies the end of the cap, and lightly pound (towards the rear hatch) until the piece snaps off. Hit the screwdriver right next to the flathead, and your car rails, to get the leverage. The actual product works great. Don't drop any washers, as there are no spare parts. Overall, the install took me about 30 minutes.

  • K. Halloran - Like the end result but bit pricey

    The TacTrap and SkeeterVac are good products. Work well only negative I can give it is it is like buying cartridges for a printer, gets pricey with the materials needed to keep it running. Great for special occasions and you need to get rid of the mosquitos without using chemicals.

  • Robert - The motions done by that aweful product can easily be done without it

    The motions done by that aweful product can easily be done without it. Working in a spine clinic and bad back pain is nothing to play with. See your doctor and stay as active as possible. Save your money...

  • Alicia Bacock - results not expected

    I read reviews prior to purchasing but still did not expect any results after using many other products that claim to be 'the best ever' I mistakenly purchased the mask and not the wash but it was not a mistake to try it and not send it back. After one use the redness decreased and size of breakout reduced. I started to use it overnight by applying a dab directly on the breakout. The next morning, depending on the size of breakout, the bump was either reduced by half, or was gone! I would recommend this to anyone who has purchased many over the counter items or has seen a dermatologist with no lasting results. The great thing about the mask is very little is needed. I purchased this tube before the summer started and I still have enough to last for at least another two months!