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  • Lori and Richard - Best tasting of this type to me!

    The best thing about this is that I like the taste a lot. I wish I liked the taste of some of the raw organic ones better but this one is good and I will use it all up, not like the others which end up expiring, when I need to have something in my body and don't feel like eating.

  • house maven - MS Office 2011 SUX

    The new platform on Mac requires MS Office 2011 or later. If you are familiar with earlier versions of M.S.O.

  • oscar - Great Look Great Price and still can see the little apple!

    I can wait to have My new iPhone 7 to put my brand new cover that will make the phone look awesome this cover look amazing!!

  • Audrey - Increased hair shedding

    Invati initially received a lot of glowing reviews around the web, so thought I'd give the whole system a try after speaking with an associate at a local salon. My hair was rebounding from a health situation, and I was told that this would help create a perfect environment for my hair regrowth. I stuck with it for about 6 weeks (following directions to the letter) regardless of the fact that my hair shed increased. I reasoned that my hair was "adjusting" to the whole system. After a very obvious thinning spot occurred, I stop using the product. Thankfully my hair and scalp are recovering, and in most places growing back.