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Home - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is a professional membership organisation and registered charity representing A&E and emergency medicine doctors. It works to promote excellence in practice and shape health policy in the interests of patients.

  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_Northern_Ireland_welcomes_the_Bengoa_report.aspx RCEM Northern Ireland welcomes the Bengoa report - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) Northern Ireland welcomes the Bengoa report into reforming health care in Northern Ireland, alongside Health Minister Michelle O'Neill’s vision for reforming the health care system.
  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_welcomes_Nuffield_report__It_s_all_about_flow_.aspx RCEM welcomes Nuffield report ‘It’s all about flow’ - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine welcomes this insightful report from the Nuffield Trust analysing the problems caused by congested hospitals.
  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/Training_more_doctors_in_the_UK.aspx Training more doctors in the UK - This morning’s news that the Secretary of State is to promise to an extra 1,500 training places at UK medical schools is to be welcomed but does not go far enough.
  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/RCEM_joins_road_safety_groups_and_emergency_services_to_call_for_lower_drink_driving_limit_.aspx RCEM joins road safety groups and emergency services to call for lower drink driving limit - NEWS - The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has joined a wide range other groups calling for MPs to reduce the UK’s high drink driving limit.
  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/Letter_to_the_Times_-_Response_to_Health_Secretary_s_training_promise.aspx Letter to the Times - Response to Health Secretary's training promise - NEWS - Sir, The promise made by the Health Secretary to create an extra 1,500 training places at medical schools is to be welcomed for the very long term but raises further issues.
  • https://portal.rcem.ac.uk/LIVE/RCEM/News/News_2016/New_Royal_College_of_Emergency_Medicine_President_begins_term.aspx New Royal College of Emergency Medicine President begins term - NEWS - Dr Tajek Hassan has officially taken up the post of President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.Dr Hassan, an Emergency Medicine Consultant at Leeds General Infirmary, was officially sworn in at the College’s AGM on Tuesday 20 Septe

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  • T210 - I wanted to love it but, the smell.....

    I have always used Josie Maran argon oil and wanted to switch to something less expensive but still organic. I figured since they are all organic and fragrance free they would all smell the same. I have to say, I have never smelled anything so bad. You know that smell when you walk into the zoo? It's like that or walking into a tire shop. I can't tell if it smells more like the zoo or rubber tires but I absolutely can't put it on my face anymore. Also - put your hand in front of it because it will squirt straight out. I guess I'll keep it for my elbows.

  • DavidMullen - very good for what I was looking for

    very good for what I was looking for. Very pleased,& was able to contact the people at finale,they were very informative,& helpful.Very pleased.

  • Janet Jeffries - Starbrite Tropical Teak Oil Sealer

    After spending far too much time cleaning and re-oiling the teak on my 1988 Catalina 27 last summer, I was desperate to find a product that would keep my teak from turning gray-black and requiring maintenance every other week. Not a fan of the shiny, shellacked varnish look, and liking the appearance of the teak immediately after I'd oiled it (orangeish-brown color) with traditional teak oil, a salesperson at a local boating store told me about the Starbrite. It contains an oil to protect the teak, but also a sealer to help prohibit the growth of molds and mildew. He'd been using it on his boat and liked it better than other teak sealers because it seemed to result in a more natural teak color. He also said he only has to recoat once a year (clean teak, brighten to original peachy color, and add 1 or 2 coats of the Starbrite).

  • Mother of bookworms - Great hiking shoe

    I bought these shoes specifically for trail hiking. I tried on a few pairs locally but my local store didn't have the style I wanted in my size, and were not able to order that style for me. Amazon to the rescue!

  • John J Spert - Glad to have it.

    The screen has a smooth, slick surface that makes dragging simple. There's no loss of touch sensitivity. Since it's glass, I know that I'll be able to use alcohol wipes safely. (The plastic screen I used to have got slightly "bumpy" from using a wipe.) Between the printed instructions that came in the kit, and the videos on their website, installation was easy. The included suction cup really helped and I appreciated having it.The only thing I'd consider a downside is that I couldn't just lift a corner to remove a speck of dust without the whole thing lifting up. But that's a flaw that comes from its virtues, since the rigidity of the glass makes the installation simple which meant that I had no worries about wrinkles occurring. Overall, I'm glad I bought it to replace what I had.