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Points East West Veterinary Services | - Lameness Exams, Canine Cruciate Ligament Repair, Veterinary Chiropractor, Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery, Veterinary Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Medicine.

  • http://pointseastwest.com/lameness-and-sports-medical-exams/ Lameness and Sports Medical Exam | - Lameness exams are the single most useful diagnostic test there is for determining why your cat or dog is limping. BC 604 See more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-orthopedic-surgery/ Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery | - For Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery emergencies in BC, the best number to call is (604) 932-5391, and they will locate Dr Lane for you.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/canine-cruciate-ligament-repair/ Canine Cruciate Ligament | - There are many ways to repair a canine cruciate ligament, and it is important to pick the treatment best suited for your individual pet, read more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/dog-hip-dysplasia/ Dog Hip Dysplasia - Hip Arthritis in Dogs | - Dog Hip Dysplasia is a common cause of hind end pain. Non-surgical treatment works very well for most patients, giving them active lives. Read more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-fracture-repair/ Cat or Dog Broken Leg | - Dr Lane surgically repairs cat or dog broken legs and other bones, torn tendons, canine cruciate ligaments and other orthopedic conditions. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/luxating-patella-in-dogs/ Luxating Patella in Dogs | - Luxating Patella in Dogs - Medial Luxating Patella (MLP or dislocating kneecap), a condition where the patella leaves the groove or “jumps the rail”. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/animal-chiropractic-medicine/ Animal Chiropractic | - Animal chiropractic medicine is an excellent technique for reducing pain, and for increasing strength and mobility in both cats and dogs.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-acupuncture/ Veterinary Acupuncture | - Veterinary Acupuncture can be very useful for relaxing painful & spasmed muscles, for accelerated tissue healing, and for strengthening weak limbs. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/dog-rehabilitation-therapy/ Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy | - Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy, the veterinary equivalent of physiotherapy in humans, uses non-invasive techniques to improve neuromuscular health.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-regenerative-medicine/ Veterinary Regenerative Medicine | - Veterinary regenerative medicine involves concentrating platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells and returning them to where they are needed to accelerate healing.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/emerging-therapies/ Emerging Therapies | - Dr. Lane is documenting his success treating urinary incontinence, tail self mutilation in cats using chiro & acu, and joint injections for arthritis.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/about-dr-david-lane/ About Dr. David Lane, DVM - Points East West Veterinary Services | - Dr. David Lane - diagnosing and treating cat and dog lameness issues. Veterinary chiropractic, orthopedic surgery, acupuncture, sports medicine.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/articles-and-case-examples/ Veterinary Articles and Case Examples | - A collection of short educational articles, examples of lameness or back pain conditions and how they were treated, and the occasional opinion piece.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/contact/ Dr Lane - contact information | - Dr Lane travels between several hospitals performing orthopedic surgery and lameness exams for painful or limping dogs and cats. Read more...

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  • Cody - but it does smell really good, seems gentle on her hair

    My fiance loves this stuff. At first the price seemed ridiculous, but it does smell really good, seems gentle on her hair, and one bottle lasted almost a whole year. I would give it five stars but it really ought to have a conditioner in the same scent to go with it.

  • Senorita B - Nephew loved it

    I actually got this kit on clearance at Walmart. My nephew LOVED the dig set. He had a hard time at first using the mallet on the block, but with a little help, we dug his dino bones up! The only issue we had was that the hinge for the jaw was broken off, so our t-rex was deemed harmless. I recommend this kit, it was still an overall good experience for the kids.

  • N. Hastings - Better Than Hoyle, Upgrades fix bugs

    This game is better than Hoyle 2013 for a few reasons. There are more games to choose from such as Whist, Pedro, Pepper, Golf, Pisti, and a couple of others. All the games Hoyle has is on here as well. It plays very similar to Hoyle.

  • Jesse828 - Awesome product!

    This texturizing taffy is the greatest finishing tool Ever for my curls. After my styling is essentially complete, I rub just a bit of this onto my hands and lightly run through the layers with particular attention to the ends. A little additional can be deployed for extra definition. It provides shine, hold and smoothes out any frizzies at the ends of my hair. Have used for years and will continue. Ordering on Amazon is great since almost every other place I've purchased it frequently runs out and it has been difficult to find on occasion.

  • Jonnathan Javier - Great review book! A must!

    What else can I say about this book?. It's a must! It has pretty much everything, even when I think "This is not in the book" turns that yeah it is, pretty good review book! but that's what it is a REVIEW book, you need know stu​ff before you start with this book!

  • Peter Wellauer - very red and super sensitive now

    I made the mistake of peeling off skin and sanding it with an Emory board and ouch!! .very red and super sensitive now....needs to heal...had corns on both pinky toes, one looks gone and one still is in need of couple more treatments but def needs a break...will not do that again and will soak and let them come off naturally...like most commented they did...

  • Heather Booker - My hands couldn't stop shaking!!

    Okay so I didnt buy this from amazon I got mine in Louisiana at walgreens. It was my first day taking them and I only took 2 around 1pm. I was drinking water all day and around 4pm I became very very very light headed and dizzy. Nonetheless I had To go to work. I couldn't stop my hands or even my whole body from shaking. I felt like I was about to just drop into a seizure at any moment! It is now 1:54 am and I still have the shakes! Though not as bad and I also have a slight headache. I'm not sure if it's just me but I wouldn't recommend these at all.