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  • Robert J - Some flaws

    There are many bugs. I had to turn off the sync to use on my tablet and phone because there were too many times that the data did not copy over.

  • For life - A Map for the times we live in

    For some time, so many have expressed that "something is going on". When "Separation of Church & State" = take God out of everything, i.e. schools, government buildings and cemeteries, we realize that something is going on! There are people who have been distorting the true meaning of our Constitution and "we the people" have naively allowed the truth to be turned into a lie. This book paints a clear picture of what has gotten us to this point as a nation, and offers us a clear picture of how to get our nation back! Prayerfully written and thoroughly researched, this book gives the reader direction and hope. Those who wish to rewrite our Constitution expect little resistance from the American people because of the lack of knowledge of our beloved Constitution. Jesus said that people will perish for lack of knowledge. This book will give you the knowledge you need to take action. Time is running out. Get the book. Read it now.

  • Amazon Customer - Shoes were very nice. my wife loves them so she wanted to ...

    Shoes were very wife loves them so she wanted to get a pair but we do not understand why women's half Size's are way much more

  • alwayshappy - will i never learn??

    will my quest for the magic bullet ever cease? i guess not, because i continue to be a sucker for these types of pills. after reading a good review in first for women magazine, i ordered two bottles. i have taken it religiously 3x day with meals, and nada. zero. zip. zilch. nothing. sigh....

  • Amazon Customer - Works great!

    Awesom product to charge multiple items at the same time in one area. This solved our problem of having cords all over our outlets. Now we can charge in one place easily. Would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a multi-charger that plugs into the wall.

  • FLRoadman - 2000 F150 Success

    Used this for a radio install on a 2000 F150. The kits worked great and the install was a piece of cake. Amazon says this kit was discontinued so I am not sure what the "new" version brings to the table...but this works just fine in my application.

  • John Smith - RMAH has ruined Blizzard's reputation for me

    I have been a Blizzard devotee for over 14 years, have purchased every game they've released since then, and attended Blizzcon last year. With Diablo 3 though, it has completely changed how I view the company.