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  • Realtor - Works good and smells great!

    This was in our condo at the resort. The second day I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I noticed it felt very silky. I couldn't wait to get home to order it. I've just noticed my hair has a tendency to be straight and doesn't hold curls as long after using the curling iron.

  • destiny - I'm disappointed I wasted my money and glad I didn't get ...

    I was going to buy the set but thought I would buy the pan first, and it's supposed to hold up agent scratches, haven't had it a month yet and my son was using it and it got scratches all on the inside, I'm disappointed I wasted my money and glad I didn't get the full set at one time

  • M45Birdy - works excellent and does not scratch

    Another Shaklee product I would not be without! Environmentally friendly, works excellent and does not scratch. I have used the same dish drainer for years (rubber) thanks to this. And, I can dip a wet sponge/scrubber into the tub and not worry about it...never goes bad or funky! Love it!

  • Evan Shaffer - This item has a great price, and amazing form factor

    This item has a great price, and amazing form factor. The bezels surrounding the screen are tiny, making it a very sleek looking monitor. The stand is also both aesthetically beautiful and sturdy, and the screen is nicely finished to prevent glare. However, 3 stars is due to lack of color saturation. I ultimately exchanged this for a samsung product because I was unhappy with the colors, which looked washed out to me.

  • Amazon Customer - If you want to grow young, you've got to read this book!

    Dr. Ronald Klatz's explanation of the revolutionary implications of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is both interesting to read and highly informative. "Grow Young With HGH" has many examples, graphs, scientific studies, and data which make it possible for the reader to know as much as (or more than) his family doctor about the master hormone that has recently been made available by genetic engineering, and which brings about rejuvenation and repair to every cell in your body. The book includes ways to urge your body to produce more of its own Growth Hormone, precautions that must be taken, common dosages being applied in rejuvenation clinics, and a list of physicians specializing in anti-aging medicine. It also has a list of manufacturers and suppliers of HGH and GH releasers. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is taking or even thinking of taking Growth Hormone to slow down or reverse the aging process.