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  • Philreh - Structurally unsound

    I guess I was pretty impressed with this product the first time I saw it. I am a principal at a elementary school, and I purchased this to see what it was like, with a mind towards using it with a 1-to-1 initiative next year. My 8th grade son is very computer-literate, so I gave it to him to try out and report about. On the positive side, it seemed to work well while it worked, and he was able to produce pretty good materials with it. He enjoyed using it.

  • Lars - Euhemerism doesn't make a good adventure flick

    If you're looking for mythic storytelling, you'll be disappointed. The creators of Hercules have a demythologizing and deconstructive agenda that deflates the legend at every turn. "It didn't really happen that way, and it doesn't matter if it did." The creators seem to think that "explaining" the mythical by replacing it with the mundane is clever, when in fact they rob the stories of their sense of wonder.