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  • Tracy - 2013 was better for me

    Only one download allowed, have to use the website. Took forever to install, opens really slow on my laptop. A worse version than 2013, which installed fast, opened fast and had 5 downloads for the same price.

  • T.S. Ward - Meh...garbage

    This is a horrible product. There is absolutely no stick and calling this "no-slip" is just ridiculous. I can't hold a single pose as my feet and hands slip so easily. I have a treadmill mat that allows me to hold better poses than this thing!

  • John V. - Fenix PD 32 UE Ultimate

    Very powerful with great range and Fenix ease of use. I have the PD32 flashlight and love it. This UE version gives a kick to the light that when on high power has great depth of field.

  • Carin - relief

    I bought this after reading reviews on Amazon. Our cat has been infested with fleas (while on Advantage), and they are all over the house, even after having new carpeting installed (not because of the fleas, but I never would have thought they would still be around). I have the cat on Little City Dogs & Cat Flea Killer capsules and Cat Flea Control Oral Capsules, as well as using the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap, all recommended on Amazon. I can't tell if the spray is helping with fleas in the rug and upholstery, but I discovered that I can use a light spray on my legs and that keeps the fleas away from me!!!!! I am really, really sensitive to the bites, so this has been a great discovery.

  • Michelle - One Star

    This product did not work for me whatsoever. It did not increase my energy at all (as it claims it would), did not suppress my appetite, nor did I lose any weight. But I do have to say that I also did not exercise other than my normal daily routine of household chores and errands.

  • Joseph Costa - The essays all had hidden agendas about circumstances in life ...

    The essays all had hidden agendas about circumstances in life that we either forget or wanted not to remember. I know I related to my own life to some of the stories.

  • bdkrma - Scientists shocked! Europa proven vastly warmer than predicted!!

    This pullover looks good, is very comfortable, and it is durable. I've used it as a middle layer and outer layer and it seems quite durable as long as you're not wrestling brambles or thorns. That's not to say it can't handle it, just that I have no first hand knowledge of its anti-thorniness properties. It handles sweat and precipitation well, in that it retains it's ability to keep you warm and it still breathes. It kept me warm in 32 degree F wet weather. Granted, I was moving but I only had a base layer, this pullover and a soft shell outer.The sleeves seemed a tad short, but that might just be me. My "wingspan" is 73" but I'm only 69" tall. So if you're a knuckle dragger like me, your wrists might be hanging in the open. The upside is that leaves room for your gloves! Overall I enthusiastically recommend this pullover.