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  • eRIC - Cheap and Effective

    I used to use Turbo Tax and I've found Tax Cut to be just as effective and way cheaper. I don't own my own business but have a mortgage, business expenses, etc. and I think the software covered all my bases.

  • Christine Smith - Natural Relief anyone?

    Clearly what you do not know about conventional acid-reflux medications can hurt you much more than you can imagine. I am a firm believer in the best of nutritional supplements and natural remedies whenever possible. So this type of book especially appeals to me. Thank you Dr. Wright for setting me onto the right path for not only gastric relief but the good of all my health.

  • Timothy Galfas II - As good as the previous versions but disappointing

    Streets and Trips is important for many mapping and geographical reasons for anyone in marketing, traveling or simply wanting to know what is where. The edition I received came with plain Jane neutral color tool bar, [The universal sort of earth tone color was reminiscent of Stalinist era bland on Russian documents] no intuitive changing of default icons, many test addresses still not updated since 2010. The company's published balance sheet indicates they have the financial resources to have made some significant advances. This just is not it. Maybe next year.

  • Sandra Hollinhead - Over 40 & this product has definitely helped me.

    I was a bit skeptical about taking a supplement for brain boosting...but I'm glad I did. I've been taking Masterbrain for 2 weeks now and I've noticed several changes. First thing is I feel like I have more energy during the day...I don't know if that is one of its known side effects...but I like it. Second, I definitely feel like I'm sleeping better at night. The box doesn't say that the PM dose is a sleeping pill, but it helps me to sleep very soundly. Thirdly, I've had issues remembering little things lately & I have to make notes for myself. I just figured it was part of the aging process...I am over 40 now. Anyway, I was paying my bills online this past weekend and I needed to enter my routing/account numbers...and I did it from memory! I didn't even realize I knew them...I was just typing in the numbers. I went back to my checkbook to check...and I was correct with what I had written. Needless to say...I am sold on this product!