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  • christy norman - Must use Daily to See Results

    In order to get results with this product You must use it daily. It does help but you can not give up after only a few days of use. Great results over time.**I received this item for free or at a discounted price in order to provide my honest and unbiased review.

  • vuhx - Attractive & Comfortable

    Love these I have the blue and black/pink. I bought these for traveling as my last trip almost killed my feet on the cobblestone. These are very comfortable and quite stylish. I wear with leggings turned up jeans or cropped casual pants. They look good and you can still fit a smartwool sock in them and be comfortable in colder weather.

  • OrlandoShopper - Reminding us all of what we are supposed to be doing

    I'm blaming any typo on the fact that I am writing this on a smart phone keyboard. Athols advice is on point. I just got married; it's the second time, and simply wanted to see his point of view. As I read the book, I realized that these are all things me and my friends always did when we were in our 20s. It's a good thing to be reminded especially after 18 years in the aftermath of a failed marriage that has succeeded in suppressing a whole lot of nessecary relationshipAlpha behavior. The funny thing is that at work I am the home I had become compromised in the attempt to keep a marriage together without recognizing all of those "tests" for what they are. The key message that I received, even though it may not have been intended, was that even though society and our women may act as if we are supposed to become "betaized" (Athols and others terminology from the so-called "manosphere"), it is clear to me that it is not makes the majority of relationships stay healthy. It seems that for the most part , he has it right but I can't help but to think he has simplified things greatly. He also seems to be quite clear that some marriages need to end. I agree; but, again, it sometimes is not quite that simple. It is noted however that this is not supposed to be a book on how to end a marriage . For those who have found themselves made "wimpy" by the expectations of society as well as the perception that their wives need us to be that way, his book is key. Beware not to become a misogynist though. One thought: Implementing what Athol is espousing will require a great amount of self discipline as well as hard work on oneself. My experience has been that he is majorly correct ; especially since I recently, in the last 3 years, went through the transformation that he discusses. For me, it started out of raw need; I was out of shape, he'd forgotten how to attract by merely relying on my presence and was too eager to do what any reasonably sucessful man with a good salary tends to do: emphasize his immediate and visible trappings thinking that it will attract women. Well it does, but for reasons that, as Athol explains, many will regret. It makes you only as useful or 'dersireable' as far as your money will go. It is much more awe-inspiring, confidence building, easier, hotter, fascinating and intriguing to do it the primitive way. That is, be more of a man, unapologetically masculine. This may mean herd work for those who 'need' this book. But it is worth it. You will be awkward at first. You will make mistakes. You might get discouraged. But the first time some hot woman turns her head to look at you walk by, the first time some chick at work touches your arm while talking about nothing that warrants it, the first time in a long time your wife acts overtly 'submissive' to you, you will know that you are on he right path.

  • S. J. - Not as good as old version

    I have used 2013 version for years but this version seems to be "testy" to some computers. does not always see the "C" drive when doing a recovery. Keeps showing the External dive as C and I can't complete the image load.

  • Longshadow - When the tutorial arrived and loaded on his computer he was amazed at the quality but most of all it was ...

    My husband was going to sign up for CAD classes at a local college. He was needing brush up lessons but the total cost of this two week crash course was about $1200.00 which I found to be way too expensive for a fast paced program. So once again I started a search on Amazon for a tutorial and low and behold found this one. I showed it to my husband before ordering and he said it offered everything he needed to brush up on the new up dated version of his current CAD software. When the tutorial arrived and loaded on his computer he was amazed at the quality but most of all it was hands on learning in his own office at his own pace. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommend.

  • Suze - This was a miracle for me!

    It seemed like once I hit my late 30s, I started getting all kinds of painful bumps or "boils" in my groin area. My OBGYN said it was ingrown hairs....I found that hard to believe since some would end up on the inside of my thigh where there is no hair. I started researching and came across Princereigns and decided to give it a try. It took about 2 weeks for me...but I noticed I wasnt getting those bumps anymore. I figured maybe I was just having a "dry spell" but kept using it. Its been about 2 years now that I have been using it and I very rarely get any bumps or boils at all. I used it once a day for the 1st year or so, now I used it every 3 or 4 days. One time I stopped for about 2 weeks, and those bumps started coming back. 2 of my friends at work started talking about having the same problems I did and I told them to try this and they did, and are amazed. Its been about 1 month and neither 1 of them has gotten any at all. I say if you have problems like this, try it...just one bottle. If you dont notice any difference at all, then dont buy it again but to me, $25 total is sooo worth it to get rid of those horrible bumps! And now it lasts me several months since I dont use it as much, so $25 every 3 months or so is not bad for the relief!

  • RickB - Not a significant improvement over the OEM seat.

    I don't notice an appreciable difference in overall comfort in this seat compared to the OEM seat. Style wise it's a minimal improvement. Wouldn't buy again but I'm too lazy to repackage & return this one.