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  • Megan Eddings - I'm a professional dog groomer

    I get this hoping to find a great way to de-shed customers dogs. Well, here's my profession opinion. It works on some dogs. But buyer beware! You will cut your dog it's just s saw blade in a block of wood. I could cut a small tree down with this thing. Go slow and be careful.

  • Elsa C. - It worked!!!

    I had a drug screen coming and I was scared as s*** cuss I'm a regular smoker. I had been clean for about 3 days when I got hired, then I quickly proceeded to do my research and this detox was my best chance even though it had mixed reviews. I bought it and the day of my uranalsis marked about my 6th to 7th day of sobriety so I hadn't even been clean for a week or maybe it was a week exactly. (point is that it's smart to stop smoking a couple days before the test, one day may be pushing it) So the day of, I drank it 2 and a half hours prior to the test on an empty stomach (don't eat fast food the day before the exam just to play it safe) I drank lots of water (I drank like 5 water bottles a day before the exam) and after I took it, I drank a water bottle more and I pissed constantly like maybe 4 to 5 times to be a bit more precise and BOOM! It worked!!!! That's all I did and it worked and now I'm hired. I feel like it all comes down to your body to be completely honest so it may have worked on me but it may not work on you. However if you have no other choice, I would say you go ahead and try it bc this may be your best cheap and efficient option!!

  • Richard - Awesome

    Great program, have been using since 2004 and it keeps improving. Highly recommend it for anyone that needs mapping software.