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  • B Leyden - Poor Whites Now Like Poor Blacks

    Once upon a time in America, the elites lived side-by-side with the lower classes: they lived together close enough that they could belong to the same churches and clubs, or if they didn't they knew people who did; they all - rich and poor - shared pretty much the same ethical standards and they all had pretty much the same attitudes towards marriage, religion and values; and the elites went out of their way not to be ostentatious, but to be helpful to the less fortunate. Lower class whites, living in enclaves which he designates as "Fishtown" (an actual community near Philadelphia) liked their communities, identified with them and were honest and helpful to residents in them; these Fishtowns, in short, were communities with real political capital in the Fukuyama/Robert Putnam sense.

  • Jiayao Kong - still working on it

    I'v been use this for a while for my stretch makrs. I apply it twice a day, and I use a LOT, like half bottle(6.7 oz) about 15 days, and massage it into skin about 10 minutes. I'm pretty happy with the result. My stretch makrs are lighter, and the skin is much firmer. I'v tried a lot different stuff and this is the only one worked. I will keep using this to see how far I could go with it.

  • cindy arrendale - Disappearing Sag

    I believe this product is helping my "saggy" neck. I have purchased this product from Perricone and ULTA. Much more reasonable pricing here. This cream has an unusual odor but you get use to it and it doesn't linger after application. Thank you....

  • H Hill - Don't hesitate, click buy.

    I have zero complaints. This water pick was worth every single penny. It is really nice and quiet and VERY easy to keep put away/organized. I love the area to store everything. The cord sinks right back into its slot with ease. The water compartent comes out for easy cleaning but lid stays in place so it doesn't get lost. Did I mention how quiet it is compared to my former model? Like a whisper. Great accessories - plent for two users.