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  • Astral - Slow, Unresponsive and a Waste of Money

    The title says it all... this game is horribly slow. The Wii cursor crawls across the screen, you can't skip most of the dialogue, and the game runs at a snail's pace. Speaking of the dialogue, everything the host says is unnaturally spoken and choppy. They spliced it together terribly, making it seem like a broken translator. The questions are terrible, and often the game won't recognize what you input or change it to something completely different, even if your answer is up there. The graphics are atrocious. Everything is hideously ugly. It uses your Miis, but only the faces, the rest of the animation is choppy and poorly implemented. Your Mii characters look like broken puppets on the screen. The game gives you a few options for backdrops and show themes, but after choosing them it never shows up. You can unlock some videos from the actual Family Feud show, which is nice if you are a fan of recent incarnations of The Feud, but it's a small and useless extra in a game that just plain stinks. The original NINTENDO version back in the 80s was better than this trash.

  • Jennifer - Okay

    I love not having to carry an extra book with me to school. I don't like the method of trying to find the medications. It is slow and really inconvient. It really needs a better index that you can go to that will link you the general information page about that drug. It is slow to search so I actually find it much quicker to use a drug app or just google search the drug. It is nice though when I don't have internet access. I still use it and will continue to use it while I'm at school for the convience of not carrying another book.

  • Lisa M Mandrusiak - Unfortunately returned for size / fitment issues - otherwise top notch quality

    I specifically bought this to fit my Timbuk2 messenger bag with a size designation of "S" that was on the tag inside of the bag.

  • Mariee Vega - ... to my face if you are looking for a great washing detergent well look no further you found it

    I purchased this at the galleria mall only because the sales lady follwed me into icings any who I regret purchasing this because it removed a deep stain off my shirt so I can imagine what it would do to my face if you are looking for a great washing detergent well look no further you found it...