Partner for Change - Reducing Drug Use Among Youth – Reducing Drug Use Among Youth - A local coalition of youth, parents, schools and community groups working together to reduce drug use among youth in northwest Hennepin County, MN

  • About Us – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change is a local coalition of youth, parents, schools, law enforcement, and community groups that are working together to reduce drug use among youth and young adults in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Coalition Meeting Dates – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change coalition members gather monthly to share news, strategize upcoming work, and celebrate successes.
  • Projects – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change works on a number of ongoing projects. Our staff assist in the work, but coalition and community members are crucial for success.
  • Alcohol Enforcement Efforts – Partnership for Change - PFC is working with local police departments to collect data on the place of last drink for DUI, assaults, and other offenses.
  • Faith Involved in Prevention – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change welcomes faith communities and members of faith communities to join us in working to reduce youth drug and alcohol use.
  • School Pre-Assessment Teams – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change is working with school partners to review current pre-assessment team policies, gather learnings from Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI) and Student Assistance Teams research, and identify resources needed and possibly improvements to our pre-assessment teams.
  • Social Host Ordinances – Partnership for Change - A social host ordinance makes it illegal to provide a location where underage drinking takes place.
  • Resources – Partnership for Change - For up-to-date information about substance use rates and consequences in Hennepin County and Minnesota, visit, a fabulous resource from the Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
  • Alcohol – Partnership for Change - Alcohol is the most commonly used drug nationally and in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Marijuana – Partnership for Change - Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug among teens. In Minnesota more youth are receiving treatment for addiction to marijuana than all other illicit drugs combined.
  • Other Drugs – Partnership for Change - The most commonly used drugs among teens are alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription drugs. However, there are "other drugs" that a person may choose to use.
  • Rx Drugs – Partnership for Change - In recent years, medicine abuse (including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications) has increased nationally and in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Tobacco – Partnership for Change - While Minnesota and the nation have many successes – tobacco use rates are in decline, we have the freedom to breathe smoke free air in restaurants – we still have many challenges ahead.
  • Parents – Partnership for Change - Despite what teens may want us to think, we know that parents are the #1 reason why teens report not using.
  • Need Help Now – Partnership for Change - Local Resources for Getting Help, Assessments, Counseling, and Treatment Service Providers
  • Teens – Partnership for Change - If you are a teen and want to know how to help a friend or how to get involved in activities in your community, follow these links.
  • Action for Reaction – Partnership for Change - Our mission is to encourage drug and alcohol prevention, to advocate mental wellness, and to promote acceptance.
  • How To Help A Friend – Partnership for Change - To help someone you know who you think may have a substance use problem, you first need to get them screened.

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